Texas A&M Leaves Uniforms At Team Hotel

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It can happen to anyone. Just ask Michael Jordan. When the Looney Tunes abducted MJ on the golf course in order to defeat the Monstars, his Airness left all his gear at home. Which probably is what happens when one gets abducted to play basketball. You’ll forget your gear.

For the Texas A&M basketball team, they knew they had a game on Wednesday night. The one thing you don’t forget to bring? The uniforms. Yes, the Aggies matchup with the Flordia Gators was delayed after Buzz Williams, and his club realized they didn’t have the correct attire.

To make matters worse, the team received a technical foul, and the Gators held a 1-0 lead before the opening tip. As a member of the panic attack in public settings club, one thing I NEVER forgot when playing ball was my uniform. To be exact, I always had the white t-shirt underneath just in case I pulled a Kate McCallister and left the most vital piece of the puzzle at home.

The Aggies are starting the SEC slate of their schedule with this away visit to Florida. The Aggies are 8-5 on the year, and we will soon know if leaving their jerseys behind is a good luck charm.

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