Indiana Basketball Player Uses NIL Money To Pay Sister’s Student Loans


NIL has significantly impacted college athletes, as players continue to prove that making money for themselves doesn’t affect the game being played in any way. There have been many athletes who have put their money to good use, including Indiana guard Anthony Leal.

Leal gave his family a Christmas moment they will never forget.

Leal had everyone reaching for the tissues when he surprised his sister by helping her pay for her student loan debts. A grand gesture by a young man who understands the essential things in life. Leal even mentioned in the tweet above how NIL has changed his life for the better.

Leal said, Some folks have negative opinions about NIL. But without it, things like this wouldn’t be possible…”

Leal is correct in his statement on NIL. College athletics is a different world now that NIL is a part of the equation. A world that I will gladly live in if it brings us moments like the Leal’s getting to celebrate a beautiful Christmas moment like this.

The bar has now been set for brothers around the country to deliver a gift of epic proportions like this one. I’m not sure even Leal will be able to top this one.

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