Viral Mugshot Sensation ‘Wide Neck’ Arrested Again In Florida

We all remember Wide Neck, right? He was the man who went viral back in 2018 because of his mugshot that showed off his, well, absurdly wide neck.

The man, whose real name is Charles McDowell, has now been arrested again.

According to reports from KCBY, the 35-year-old Wide Neck was busted over the weekend and booked into Escambia County Jail on charges of stalking and withholding child support.

McDowell is being held without bond.

After going viral, Wide Neck kept busy by building a presence on social media. He has 1 million followers on Instagram and even joined a rap group. He later recorded a video with “Daddy Long Neck” — who is famous for having a really long neck, go figure — and released the song “Neckst Big Thing” in 2020.

The video on YouTube has nearly 6 million views, proving anyone can shoot to stardom in the social media age of the internet.

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