Golden rules for responsible gambling

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In the first six months of licensed online gambling in the Canadian province of Ontario, around $10 billion was placed in bets on sport, slots, video poker and table games like blackjack and roulette. It’s good news for the gambling industry, translating to more than $400 million in revenue, but it has also raised concerns as to whether some casino gamers are gambling irresponsibly. 

The subject of responsible gambling is important to everyone, including the casino operators. If people run into financial or psychological problems through their gambling hobby, it benefits nobody. But what does “responsible gambling” really mean? Here are some golden rules that responsible gamblers should take to heart. 

Use reputable casinos

There are dozens, even hundreds, of online casino operators out there. It’s easy to register with them on your mobile phone by filling in just a few information fields. Most are professionally run and hold all the necessary licenses and accreditations, but as with any business that involves financial transactions, there are a few fraudsters and scam sites around in Canada’s rapidly growing casino market. Visit GO to find the best mobile casinos, safe in the knowledge that they have been independently assessed. 

Bet what you can afford to lose

Casino gaming is a leisure pursuit that we do for fun. Like anything else, it has a cost attached to it, and that is how you should think of the money you wager. Decide what you can afford to spend, whether it is $20 or $100 or some other amount, and assume it will all be gone when you have finished. That way, you can’t run into trouble. The fact that you will occasionally win some money is one of the great things about this hobby – but think of that as a bonus when it happens – it’s certainly not something you can predict or depend on.

Never chase losses

This really follows on from the above point. Problem gambling almost always stems from chasing losses. Let’s assume you have decided to play with $20 and you have no luck at all. Perhaps the slot game gives nothing, or maybe you keep backing red and get nothing but blacks at roulette. Either way, the $20 is gone in no time. If you follow the previous rule, you walk away with the rueful thought that Lady Luck can be brutal sometimes, but who knows, you might have more luck next time. The loss-chaser, however, decides to gamble more in an attempt to recover that $20. More often than not, it just ends in greater losses and a spiral into financial problems.

Be open about your hobby

Casino gaming is a fun and exciting hobby when done responsibly. Unlike other hobbies, it can even reward you with the occasional financial win. That’s nothing to be secretive about, so always be open and honest with your family. If you find yourself gambling in secret or surreptitiously, it’s time to take a serious look in the mirror and ask yourself why. If you are worried and find it difficult to talk to loved ones, professional support is available. 

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