MLB Playoffs 2022: New York Yankees Fans Celebrate ALDS Victory (Videos)

NEW YORK CITY - AUGUST 19:. The Yankees are at home playing against Tigers on August 19, 2007 in Yankee Stadium, New York City.


A fanbase that has been there before that acts as if they’ve never been there before would be the New York Yankees. The pinstripe nation danced in the streets of New York after the Yankees’ ALDS win over Cleveland. Maybe I’m just jealous because, as a Cincinnati Reds fan, I’ve never seen a team achieve greatness, but New York is on fire right now for the Yankees, and we’ve got the videos to prove it. Check out Yankees’ nation indulging in the big series win.

The concrete jungle was rocking after the Game 5 victory that sent their squad to the ALCS. These videos are a nightmare for someone like me who doesn’t even want to be around 5 people, let alone thousands. The celebration didn’t seem to get too out of control, as there’s still work to be done, and the Yankees are an organization that isn’t field stormers except for the big occasion. Winning the ALCS may bring out the car-flipping celebrations college towns are accustomed to.

I’m going to say this as the great Pedro Martinez would. The Yankees will meet their daddy in the ALCS when they take on the Houston Astros at 7:30 p.m. EST. Wednesday night on TBS. The Astros and Yankees have met three times in the past six seasons in the ALCS, with the Astros coming out on top on all three occasions. Is it finally time for the Yankees to return to the grandest stage of baseball?

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