2 College Wrestlers Seriously Injured In Grizzly Bear Attack

Grizzly bear growling on snowy cliff


A group of college wrestlers from Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming were out for a hike last weekend when the unthinkable happened.

Two of the wrestlers, sophomores Kendell Cummings and Brady Lowry, became separated from the group when a grizzly bear emerged and began attacking Lowry. According to the Cowboy State Daily, Cummings jumped in to help Lowry and attempted to pull his teammate away when the grizzly turned and began attacking him.

Cummings and Lowry both suffered serious injuries in the grizzly attack and have already undergone “multiple surgeries,” but are expected to survive.

“I am so grateful for those who assisted these brave young men in the aftermath of this terrifying ordeal and that no lives were lost,” Northwest College President Lisa Watson said in a statement. “It took quick thinking and no small amount of bravery for this to have ended without tragedy.”

Both student-athletes were life-flighted to the hospital after Park County Search and Rescue and others came to their aid.

“They’re alive and doing well, for what happened,” Northwest College athletic director Brian Erickson said. “We’re praying for those kids and their families and the rest of the team and their coach.”

We continue to wish Cummings and Lowry a full recovery.

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