FanDuel Bettors Strike Big On NASCAR Longshot Parlays

LAS VEGAS - FEB 03 :Sport betting at Caesar Palace on February 03, 2013 in Las Vegas. Caesars Palace is a luxury hotel and casino. Caesars has 3,348 rooms in five towers


Everyone who has ever placed a bet can’t help but imagine what it would be like to hit the big time. We’ve all dreamed of hitting the big parlay that would change our lives forever and cause us to go on a Scrooge McDuck-level spending run while diving in our pool of gold coins. For two bettors on Sunday, that dream is now a sweet reality thanks to the unpredictability of NASCAR Super-Speedway racing.

The first bet shared by the FanDuel Twitter account showed a 4 leg parlay in which one anonymous bettor placed a $13 bet that netted the fortunate soul with a nearly million-dollar award. The odds of the parlay cashing in were +7408700. That is absolute INSANITY! There’s no doubt this bet was placed for fun, and after all the mayhem that happened in the Coke Zero Sugar 400 at Daytona, the joke was on FanDuel. If this story wasn’t big enough for you, FanDuel’s nightmare Sunday wasn’t over yet.

A 3-leg parlay with an $11 wager struck gold, netting nearly $80,000 on the same race. The chances of these bets hitting on the same race were nothing more than astronomical. A story that one day be the feature of a Netflix documentary has had the internet buzzing from the moment our eyeballs viewed the most unlikely parlay winnings. NASCAR betting will definitely see a bump in activity for the next race.

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