FOX Shares The Incredible, Emotional Story Of Roy Gleason (VIDEO)

The second annual MLB Field Of Dreams Game delivered plenty of emotion for fans of the game on Thursday night.

However, FOX delivered a genuinely inspiring story moments before the first pitch. When Tom Rinaldi appeared on the screen, I knew we were all ready to ask who was cutting the onions.

Rinaldi’s story followed Roy Gleason, a purple heart veteran who got a chance to do something that every man in the country could ever dream of.

Gleason was drafted straight from high school in 1960 by the Los Angeles Dodgers and spent three seasons in the minors before joining the World Series club in 1963. In 1963, Gleason had one plate appearance where he had only Major League hit that resulted in a double.

After the season, Gleason was sent back down to the minors for three years before being drafted to fight for his country in the Vietnam War.

Gleason’s story takes another cinematic twist when the former Major Leaguer heartbreakingly loses his World Series ring. While Gleason was honored with a Purple Heart for being injured during his service, during Rinaldi’s interview, anyone could see that the loss of his World Series ring was devastating.

Gleason’s former team didn’t let him down when they invited him back to celebrate his service to this country. A surprise gift that involved a World Series ring was the perfect ending to his story.

Gleason has lived a full life and has all the medals and rings to prove that life is never what you expect it to be.

MLB Field Of Dreams Game Live Stream 2022: Watch Cubs vs Reds Online
MLB Field Of Dreams Game Live Stream 2022: Watch Cubs vs Reds Online
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