Best Health & Physical Education Colleges 2022


Suppose you’re keen on starting a career in health & physical education, or perhaps even one of the related majors like fitness studies. In that case, it might interest you to know that the best schools offering phys ed degrees are distributed evenly across the country. That way, you won’t ever have to endure long trips to reach your college of choice. 

Your choice of college for your degree studies significantly influences your future prospects. We recommend you narrow your search to one of the schools we’ve featured later in the article, as they arguably are the best bang for your buck.

1. University of Michigan, Ann-Arbor

The University of Michigan is state-owned with notably massive enrollment. With arrangements for financial aid for needy students, opting to study at U-M is one of the best choices you can make early on.

Aspiring majors typically need stellar SAT and ACT scores to make it into any of U-M’s programs. To get in, students must have obtained a GPA of around 3.86 and an SAT score within the 1340- 1530 range. About 7% of its applicants eventually make it per year. U-M is located in the somnolent neighborhood of Ann Arbor. Graduates in phys ed from the college typically earn over $11,000 compared with the median starting wage.

2. American Public University System

Located in Charles Town, West Virginia, the American Public University System (also APUS) is a student’s favorite. This is clearly evidenced by the large student body and, likewise, the yearly enrollment rates of the college.

To get into APUS, you must have a high school diploma with a minimum of a 3.70GPA and a minimum of a 1051 SAT score.

Health and physical education graduates of APUS typically earn over $9000 more than the everyday grad. Worthy of mention is the fact that they are almost on par with the highest-paid graduates who hold phys ed degrees.

3. Elon University

Aside from being a not-for-profit institution, one of the best things about Elon is the rather relatively low amount of its overall student loan debt. It’s a top-rated degree-type health & physical education school. The school also offers several popular online courses.

Elon has an annual acceptance rate of around 72%. Accepted majors typically score within the 1140 and 1320 range in their SATs and 25 – 30 on their ACTs.

On average, former education students from Elon earn over $3,000 compared with other graduates upon starting the field.

4. Rice University

With just about $8,000 in average student debt, you know Rice University is a school worth taking a look at.

It’s the most selective school on our list, with an annual acceptance rate of around 10% and a required minimum GPA of 4.12. Accepted majors typically score within the 1460 – 1570 range on their SATs and around 34 – 36 on ACTs.

Examined data indicate that you stand to earn over $9,000 more than what the average graduate earns upon completing your degree from Rice University.

5. James Madison University

With over 250 degree-type graduates in the recent year and a notable number of research essays on physical education published periodically from its phys ed department, James Madison University is one of the more grand colleges around to feature on our list. JMU has a remarkably high acceptance rate of 75%. New students typically have SAT scores of 1120 – 1290 or, for ACTs, 24 – 29. The school typically demands a minimum GPA of 3.55 from aspirants.

It’s located on the outskirts of the small town of Harrisburg in West Virginia. Baccalaureate graduates of phys ed from JMU in the recent year earned over $3,000 more than the average graduate upon clinching their first role. 

6. Texas A&M University

This second rep from Texas is one of the largest degree-awarding institutions in the country. With a world-class faculty and over 450 graduates alone in 2021 from physical education degree-type disciplines, it’s pretty easy to see why.

To get in, the school requires you to obtain a 3.68 GPA and have scored in between the 1160 – 1390 range on your SATs. Typical ACT scores of aspirants are between 25 – 31. Texas A&M has a fairly high acceptance rate of 63.3%.

Upon completing their degree, former health and physical education students from Texas A&M typically earn over $5,000 more than the baseline starting wage.

7. University of North Carolina

UNC is a fairly large university located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. If you’re keen on attending a school with a diverse and multicultural student population, consider checking out the University of North Carolina.

UNC considers aspirants who’ve scored a minimum of 1010 on the SATs or 19 on their ACTs for admission. You’d need a minimum GPA of 2.5 to be eligible for a review in the first place. UNC has an acceptance rate of around 25%.

Obtaining a degree from North Carolina makes you a virtual hotcake. Health and physical education majors from this great university usually earn around $30,000 upon graduation. This is about $5,000 more than the average starting salary for professionals.

8. Syracuse University

As a health and physical education graduate from Syracuse University, you stand to make about $27,000 a year. Quite a number of the students enrolled opt for health-related disciplines annually.

With a preferred minimum GPA of 3.67 from aspirants, you’d need to have quite a number of A’s and B’s and very little of C’s to get in. Accepted aspirants typically score between 1170 – 1370 on their SATs. 

The college is a not-for-profit, fairly large institution located in the heart of New York City. You might equally want to consider the school for your postgraduate degree studies.

9. North Carolina State University

Last on our list is NCSU, located in Raleigh. Their Psy ed program has received continual accreditation over the years, and a sizable number of their students are enrolled in education-related disciplines.

NCSU prefers A-graders. An aspirant needs minimum GPAs of around 3.8. The school has an annual acceptance rate of around 25%. The mid-50% SAT range preferred 1290-140, and the ACT range was 27-32. 

The school’s health and physical education graduates are among the best paid in the United States. It is easily verifiable because they earn over $5,000 more than the average grad yearly. 

Keep in mind that aside from term papers and periodic homework essays on physical education, a final year project thesis is among the list of clearable to get out of the way before you can be deemed worthy of a Bachelor’s degree.


Enrolling in a four-year health & physical education degree or even a master’s degree is one of the first best steps you can take to enhance your finances.

However, before deciding which colleges you would like to attend, you must do a great deal of research first. Consider taking to their websites to explore further the specific intricacies each school demands. Doing so allows you to discover which university is the best fit for you in terms of cost and prospects.

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