Twitter Data Shows Which MLB Fanbases Complain About Umps The Most

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - OCTOBER 20: The Head Umpire talks to five other umpires at homeplate before start of game 4 of the 2010 NLCS game between San Francisco Giants and Philadelphia Phillies on Oct. 20, 2010 in AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA.


Which MLB fanbases are the most likely to complain about the umps during a game? is here to give us an answer.

While many people would expect the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers faithful to be near the top of the list, neither fanbase registered in the top ten.

The graphic analyzed Twitter data since the start of the season (just under 90 days) tracking negative sentiment tweets from each MLB fanbase, that are about MLB umpires. For example, all tweets tagging or mentioning the Yankees, that also talk about Umpires, and contain negative keywords such as cheat, cheating, horrible, awful, worst, screwed, paid, terrible, favoring, stupid, dumb, overturn, embarrassing, “bad call,” “missed call,” “horrible call,” “terrible call,” and several more. This was then done for each team.

As it turns out, the St. Louis Cardinals fanbase narrowly edged out the Washington Nationals for the top spot, while the Los Angeles Angels, Chicago White Sox, and Seattle Mariners rounded out the top five.

The most likely fanbase to just go with the flow is the Cleveland Guardians.

Where does your favorite team’s fanbase register on the list?

A full breakdown can be seen below.

mlb umpire complaints (click to enlarge)

St. Louis Cardinals – 6.89%
Washington Nationals – 6.67%
Los Angeles Angels – 6.48%
Chicago White Sox – 6.23%
Seattle Mariners – 6.07%
Houston Astros – 5.97%
Tampa Bay Rays – 5.63%
Miami Marlins – 5.26%
San Francisco Giants – 4.68%
Texas Rangers – 4.33%
Philadelphia Phillies – 4.23%
New York Yankees – 4.18%
Cincinnati Reds – 4.16%
Toronto Blue Jays – 4.10%
Atlanta Braves – 3.73%
Kansas City Royals – 3.43%
Pittsburgh Pirates – 2.95%
Oakland Athletics – 2.81%
New York Mets – 2.77%
Minnesota Twins – 2.74%
Baltimore Orioles – 2.62%
Milwaukee Brewers – 2.42%
Colorado Rockies – 1.75%
Boston Red Sox – 1.40%
Detroit Tigers – 1.33%
Chicago Cubs – 1.26%
San Diego Padres – 1.14%
Los Angeles Dodgers – 0.99%
Arizona Diamondbacks – 0.90%
Cleveland Guardians – 0.71%

Luckily for these fan bases, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred says the league is expected to make the move to robot umps by 2024.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Says Robot Umps Likely Coming By 2024
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Says Robot Umps Likely Coming By 2024
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