Into The Rink: Top Teams To Be On The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

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Stanley Cup is the championship trophy awarded to the National Hockey League’s champion. This is a big thing that takes place annually for all hockey fans. Bettors are also looking forward to how the team will perform this year.

Florida Panthers

Currently, first in the Atlantic division of the Eastern Conference is the Florida Panthers. This professional ice hockey team was founded in 1993, a relatively new team compared to the others on this list. 

They are also now in their seventh-win streak, clearly showing how well they are doing so far. As of date, the Panthers are still yet to own a Stanley Cup. They made it to the Finals and lost with the Colorado Avalanche. Since then, the Panthers are still struggling to redeem their place for the Finals.

Carolina Hurricanes

In the Metropolitan Division in Eastern Conference, the Carolina Division ties points with the New York Rangers. Both teams accumulated a hundred points and are fighting for first place. The team was first named New England Whalers, founded in 1971. 

They were a successful group that won the first three seasons of the World Hockey Association and eventually became champions for the inaugural Avco World Trophy. Since then, the Hurricanes have also won a Stanley Cup during the 2005-2006 season and were reigned Division champions just last season.

If nothing terrible happens throughout this regular season, the Carolina Hurricanes can be the undefeated champions for the Eastern Conference this year, too, and have the higher Odds to Win NHL Finals.

Colorado Avalanche

Colorado Avalanche is making a huge gap from the second place in the Central Division in Western Conference and is currently 16 points ahead of its second rank, St. Louis Blues. Moreover, they are on their six-win streak and are more likely to appear as competitors for the playoffs. 

The first season of the Avalanche was a great success as they won the Pacific Division, which qualifies them for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. After that, the team made names as they won the 1996 Stanley Cup Finals. 

Their achievements do not stop there, as they also brought home the 2001 Stanley Cup. Avalanche fans have nothing to be worried about if the team continues its six-win streak and secures its first spot throughout the regular season.

Calgary Flames

The Pacific Division in the Western Conference has the Calgary Flames to boast. They are currently seven points ahead of their second, and the gap might continue to widen, especially if their winning streak continues. 

The Flames already won three conference championships that led their way towards the playoffs, and since their founding, they already have one Stanley Cup so far during the 1988-1989 season. Also, this team painstakingly won the Division championship with no sweat. 

So, this year’s Division tournament might turn out as an easy game for the Flames. If all is well, this year might be the Flames’ revival to the Finals and win another cup for the team.

New York Rangers

Fighting for first place in the Metropolitan Division is the New York Rangers, who are tied with the Hurricanes for first place. This team is on its three-win streak, which can be advantageous over the Hurricane’s one-loss steak. At this point, there is no telling who can finally claim that spot. Moreover, the Rangers are no stranger to the Stanley Cup. 

Since 1926, the New York Rangers have already won four Stanley Cups. The first one is during their second season in the NHL. However, the team has no other achievements relative to the Stanley championship in the past years. The most recent one would be the 2014-2015 Division Championships. The Rangers can rip that record off and add a new achievement to their history with their current standing.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The current second in the Atlantic Division is the Toronto Maple Leafs. Unlike the Division’s third place, the Maple is on its second-win streak, leading with five points and only behind the Panthers with eight points. 

The Toronto Maple Leaf was founded in 1917, and since then, the team has already won 14 Stanley Cups, which is second to the Montreal Canadiens. However, after their 1967 Stanley Cup win, the team has no longer won any major tournaments

The Maple Leafs’ recent win was last year’s Division Championship. It is now a wonder if the team will drastically change and make history at this point.

Louis Blues

St. Louis Blues is in second place for the Central Division in the Western Conference. The gap between them and the Avalanche is wide, with six points ahead, but the Blues might get a chance to change the leaderboard if anything happens. 

It would be no surprise, especially now that they are on their five-win streak. Additionally, the Blues won their first Stanley Cup during the 2018-2019 season, where they also won their first Conference Championship. Despite the apparent gap with first place, the Blues still stand a chance.

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

The championship officially started the regular season last October 12, 2021. Meanwhile, the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs are taking place from May 2 to June 30, 2022, which is slightly earlier than last season. Only the top three teams from the four divisions (Metropolitan, Atlantic, Central, and Pacific) and the following two highest-ranking teams from the Eastern and Western Conferences can make it to the playoffs.

Final Thoughts

Nothing beats more than an unpredictable competition. This year, more improved teams are prepared to win the Stanley Cup. Odds may drastically change in the future, but as of the moment, do not forget to keep an eye on all the teams that will continue to rise.

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