The Challenge of Developing the New York Giants

Minneapolis, MN/USA- January 10, 2017-New York Giants Jumbo Helmet set up for the Super Bowl LII.


This offseason has not been especially inspiring so far for fans of the New York Giants. Less than effective management has caught up with the team and the lack of a decent cap space is not helping matters.

NFL fans in the Giants home state of New Jersey, and the state they represent New York, will be hoping the situation improves before the start of the season. The same can be said for sportsbooks who will be hoping that a revitalized team will attract increased sports betting actions, given the current legal status for New Jersey fans will find it easy to back the Giants if they are inspired to do so. However, the current challenge of developing the team seems to make this level of inspiration unlikely.

Cap restructuring a bad sign

The lack of cap space has forced the Giants into action such as restructuring the contract of Adoree’ Jackson who signed on a three-year, $39 million, deal last season. This is concerning for fans as it indicates that the team is looking at “last resort” actions as a means of dealing with its problems.

Unfortunately, it was difficult for Giants’ general manager Joe Schoen to do anything else in the circumstances. Even with the action to push Jackson’s compensation through 2024, there is still insufficient cap space to put a quality 2022 draft class in place.

Is trading Bradbury an option?

To some observers trading James Bradbury makes sense because he has decent market value. The problem with this move is that it could be as damaging as it is positive. While it’s true that it would bring in much needed finance and would remove $12 million from the salary books it would also significantly weaken the team roster.

This is something that the Giants cannot really afford. The roster is not the strongest anyway and any further weakening could be very damaging.

What is the Daniel Jones position?

A further complication for the Giants recently has been the situation regarding Daniel Jones. He has been subject to injury restrictions since sustaining a neck injury in week 12 of 2021.

Recent news suggests that Jones will be fit and ready to go for next season. However, the Giants have yet to exercise the fifth-year option for Jones. If they do not exercise the option, he will become a free agent when the 2022 season comes to end.

This could be good or bad news given his previous position in the bottom quartile of starters in the NFL and his injury. However, Jones could have a breakout season this time around making the potential $22 million cost of the fifth-year option worthwhile.

The truth is that the future of Jones is just one of the challenges affecting the development of the New York Giants. The franchise is currently stuck with a limited cap space and a less than stellar roster.

It will be interesting to see if it’s able to emerge from under the burden of these substantial issues.

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