FIFA Launches Free, Ad-Supported Streaming Platform FIFA+

Doha, Qatar, January 2022: Flags with FIFA and Qatar 2022 World Cup logo waving in the wind. The event is scheduled in Qatar from 21 November to 18 December 2022


FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, is giving sports fans another streaming platform to pay attention to.

Today, FIFA launched its free, ad-supported streaming platform FIFA+.

Plans for FIFA+ initially include an expansive library of classic FIFA matches, original documentaries, and the occasional live match with plans to include more live matches in the future. Unfortunately, none of the 2022 World Cup matches will be streaming on the service.

“We will be evolving continually to a point when we get to the World Cup, so at that point, we really will be able to showcase what FIFA+ is about,” said FIFA’s director of strategy and corporate development Charlotte Burr, via The Hollywood Reporter.

The platform will launch with five languages — English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese — and has plans to add Mandarin, Bahasa, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Arabic and Hindi in the coming months.

Burr added FIFA+ will be the “companion experience to the World Cup.”

As far as live matches go:

Live matches are also a significant part of the offering, with FIFA claiming that the equivalent of 40,000 live games — from 100 member associations and including 11,000 women’s matches — will be streaming each year. Due to existing TV and streaming rights agreements, these will be mostly limited to territories with lesser-known and underserved international leagues in countries such as Angola, Denmark, Mexico and Poland.

That means a number of countries may not benefit from live games initially, but if the platform continues to grow at a rapid rate we could see its strategy shift and more matches on the horizon. At least we can hope.

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