ESPN Drops Teaser For Derek Jeter Docuseries ‘The Captain’ (VIDEO)

Derek Jeter On Base


The highly-anticipated Derek Jeter docuseries from ESPN titled The Captain is set to release this summer.

The six-episode series has drawn comparisons to The Last Dance — which was an overwhelming success for ESPN — and the network is certainly hoping for similar success when they focus on the New York Yankees legend.

On Sunday night, ESPN released a teaser for The Captain during their first Sunday Night Baseball broadcast of the 2022 MLB season.

The docuseries will feature Alex Rodriguez, Brian Cashman, Nomar Garciaparra, and Roger Clemens, among others.

From the initial press release:

Derek Jeter’s arrival with the New York Yankees helped transform a struggling franchise into a storied dynasty, all within a time of great change in New York City.

As Jeter forged a Hall of Fame career, he established himself as the model Yankee both on- and off-the field, with his style, class, and charisma. Jeter’s commitment to winning came with a rare combination of competiveness and cool, traits he has taken with him into retirement as he tackles new tests as a team owner and executive with the Miami Marlins and as a father.

The Captain is officially set to premiere on Monday, July 18th.

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