Emma Raducanu Responds To ‘Princess’ Criticism, Questions On Her Focus

Emma Raducanu burst onto the scene last fall after winning the U.S. Open with a dominant run after entering the tournament as a qualifier. The high-level sponsorships and endorsements immediately followed.

Since then, the 19-year-old Brit has experienced a number of setbacks on the court — including injuries and a brief COVID battle — as she tries to regain her form. Raducanu has stumbled in her post-US Open appearances, with her most recent loss coming in the second round of the Miami Open.

Following her second-round exit, Raducanu was flooded with criticism and questions about whether she is focused on tennis or more interested in the opportunities off of the court. Former wold No. 1 Kim Clijsters also criticized Raducanu for having a “princess” attitude.

Now, Raducanu is responding to the critics and leaving no doubt that she is keeping her focus on the sport.

“Maybe you just see, on the news or on social media, me signing this or that deal and I feel like it’s quite misleading because I’m doing five, six hours a day [of training], I’m at the club for 12 hours a day,” Raducanu said, via the New York Post. “But I throw out one post in the car on the way to practice and all of a sudden it’s, ‘I don’t focus on tennis.’

“I think that it is unfair but it’s something I have learned to deal with and become a bit more insensitive to the outside noise. At the end of the day, I feel like my days [with sponsors] are pretty limited. I’m not doing crazy days. I’m doing three, four days every quarter, so it’s really not that much.”

Amazon Prime tennis analyst Daniela Hantuchova also said that Raducanu “lost the respect” of her peers due to her recent losses.

But not everyone is against the rising star. Australian Nick Kyrgios came to Raducanu’s defense, pointing out that she is already more of a household name than those who are criticizing her.

“What’s with old retired players giving their opinion on our stars now?,” he wrote on Twitter. “I love [Andy Roddick] and I agree we all need to chill with the rackets and all that, but geezus, I read an article about a past female player talking about Raducanu, no offence but she is a far far bigger name already.”

With success comes increased attention and criticism, so it’s all part of Raducanu’s meteoric rise and she seems to understand that.

And after all, she is just 19 years old, so there is plenty of time for Raducanu to regain her form and continue her success both on and off of the court.

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