John Calipari Lost Rolex Celebrating Kentucky Women’s SEC Title (VIDEO)

John Calipari attends Harold and Carole Pump Foundation Gala at Beverly Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles, CA on August 20, 2021


UPDATE: Kentucky basketball fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that John Calipari’s lucky watch has been found.

John Calipari needs your help.

The Kentucky basketball coach was taking in the Wildcats women’s team’s SEC Championship win over the weekend when he really got into the moment.

Coach Cal was seen celebrating courtside when you could see some quick panic turn in.

As it turns out, Coach Cal’s Rolex went flying off of his wrist when he threw his arms into the air.

In the video, a woman in a white hat appears to pop up holding the watch and asking those around her if it belongs to them.

Calipari later took to social media to ask for help finding his Rolex, which he says will come with a reward if it’s returned to its rightful owner.

Apparently, it’s Coach Cal’s lucky watch that he’d like to have in time for the men’s attempt to claim the SEC.

The Kentucky women went on to win the game, 64-62, in true March Madness form.

CBB Championship Week TV Schedule: Games On Today 3/7/22
CBB Championship Week TV Schedule: Games On Today 3/7/22
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