FIFA To Ban Russia From International Play After Ukraine Invasion

SALZBURG - JUNE 14: Russian National Team's fans during the match Greece-Russia during the Euro2008 Group D. June 14, 2008, in Salzburg, Austria


FIFA is continuing its sanctions against Russia following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Over the weekend, FIFA announced that all of Russia’s home games would be moved to neutral venues and the country’s flag and national anthem would be banned from events. The team will be known as the “Football Union of Russia.”

Now, the team could be banned altogether.

According to reports, FIFA is preparing to ban Russia from international competition. The move comes after Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic announced they will refuse to play Russia during the men’s World Cup qualifying.

FIFA is reportedly discussing the potential ban with UEFA.

The Russian women’s team will also be banned from playing in the UEFA Euro 2022 tournament over the summer.

Along with suspensions from international competition, Russian competition has been suspended at the club level.

As the fallout in the sports world continues, the International Olympic Committee also recommended banning Russia from international competitions.

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