Why are sports fans also attracted by online gaming?

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The gambling community is predominantly made up of 2 sectors and niches. You will find people that are more drawn to online gaming such as blackjack, slot machines, scratch cards, roulette, poker, and other online games. On the other hand, you will find people that just enjoy placing a bet on their go to sporting event, their favourite athlete, or maybe a massive sporting event that is happening. Sports bets can be executed either online at your favourite sportsbook site or maybe to your local sports betting shop. But truth be told, the shift from sports to online casino games is happening, and today we will spill all the beans as to why we feel that sports bettors are going down the online casino route.

Casino Sign Up Bonuses

One of the very first things that will greet you at an online casino is of course a welcome offer, a small bonus that the casino is willing to offer you in return for signing up and depositing your initial amount of money to your player account. You will find a good number of online casinos that will defy the odds and will also grant you some free bonus spins at the start of your journey with no deposit needed, but that is quite hard to find nowadays.

All the new online casinos offer welcome bonuses, which do not differentiate much from one casino to another, and will normally see you walk away with a 100% deposit match, plus a set number of free spins. Some online casinos want to take it a step further and will also welcome your second, third and sometimes also your fourth deposit with a deposit match. The latters will be a 50% deposit match  most of the time. You will also get a welcome bonus when you register at a sports betting site hoping to place a sports wager, however in all honestly a casino bonus is always heftier than the sports one. Plus, your local land based sports betting site is not known for giving out any bonuses, so online is definitely the way forward.

Tournaments and Online Casino Duels

You could go head to head with other sports bettors in guessing the most wins, however it is quite rare that you will find tournaments, challenges of player duels at a sports section. When it comes to casino and online casino games, you will see that a good amount of gamification is invested in the casino to lure players in. An online casino site knows very well that the human gambler has a competitive nature, and hence the invention and the launch of in house competitions.

When you play online casino games, many times the gambling site will host competitions and tournaments that will see you battle it out with other players, all in the hopes of topping the charts. A hefty prize pool is normally at stake with the top players getting a chunk of the prize available at the end.

Continuous Excitement

You might be an American football fan, you might be a cricket fan, or you might even be a boxing fan. Truth be told, even if there are sporting events happening all year round, you will not bet on each and every single one.  OIf you are a Manchester United Fan, chances are, yolu will bet on your go to team and not Liverpool FC. This means that your adrenalin will not pump every day, but it will pump on the days when your team is having matchday.  Now when it comes to online casinos, you can settle that itch to gamble and play every time you want, and with the same element of excitement brought to the table.

Sports on the other hand is more of a seasonal event, and if your favourite and supporting team has been knocked out of the UEFA Champions League, yes, you can still bet, however will you get the same vibe and excitement?  Will your heart miss a beat or two?

VIP and ongoing Promotions

When you play your favourite online casino games, you will most probably start participating in a VIP Loyalty program that the online casino hosts. This will see you get points for every small amount of money that you start wagering at the casino, and in return you will unlock perks and freebies with every VIP Level that you reach. Some of these perks would include having a dedicated account manager, free bonus spins, birthday offers, VIP travel tickets and much more. One thing that makes an online casino interesting is definitely the loyalty program, and this is what will get casino players wagering and playing more.

Other promotions that casinos host and offer their dedicated and returning players include cashback on all your losses for the previous week, free spins on special days of the week when you deposit and also deposit matches. It would be unwise for us to say that such offers do not exist in sports betting sites, but quite frankly if we had to compare sportsbook and online casino offers, you will find that a casino is always enriched with more promotions. The diversity of promotions that is available at an online casino lobby is always heftier and more diverse than that of a sports book site.

Shall I bet on sports or shall I enjoy online casinos?

There is no definite answer for the above, as both offer a good amount of fun and excitement.  You can place a wager on your go to sporting event, and you could spend the time building up to the event hoping that you triple your wager. Or you could find the next Texas Hold’Em live table, and since we are still isolating, you can still organise and sit around a table and play with friends. The world is simple nowadays and the fun that we all craved and needed years ago from both land based and attending sporting events, can now be found online.  At your fingertips, and all you need to do is compare sites, and make sure that where you choose to play is legit, reputable and rewarding.  

Compare bonuses, compare wagering requirements, seek out other player feedback and when you settle on a site that you are happy to register at, enjoy the ride and play. Online casino games are calling, and we are all invited.

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