Drunk Ump Booted From Mexican League Game For Flipping Off Fans (VIDEO)

A “drunk” umpire at a Mexican Pacific League game was booted and escorted off of the field after he was determined to be drunk and repeatedly was flipping off the fans.

The umpire, Humberto Saiz, apparently enjoyed a few too many cervezas before showing up to the ballpark, but the footage is beautiful.

Photos immediately surfaced on social media that deserve to be hung in the Louvre.

And then, the videos quickly followed.

As you may expect, Saiz was indefinitely suspended by the Mexican Pacific League.

“In the Liga ARCO Mexicana del Pacífico we always seek to enhance our values ​​as an institution, for which we strongly condemn the events that occurred on the night of this Sunday, Dec. 19 at the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium in Mazatlán,” the statement read.

“Due to this, it has been decided to indefinitely separate the umpire who starred in this unfortunate event from his position, reinforcing the measures so that situations like this do not recur on and off the field of play with our officials.”

Saiz issued an apology for his actions, but hey, at least he had some fun.

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