Three things your sports gambling app must offer

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Sports betting continues to grow in popularity across the world as major nations relax their outdated laws on betting. From the best sports Canadian betting sites to the bookies taking advantage of the new betting landscape in the United States, there’s plenty going on and lots to get excited about if you’re a supporter of sports gambling.

If you are new to betting but have a desire to join the party and place bets on your favourite competitions, including the NFL, NBA, NHL and UFC, you may find the industry a little confusing. There are many questions, and the danger of online betting is learning the ropes could end up costing you cash. When gambling on sports, it’s crucial that you arm yourself with as much information as possible before parting with your hard-earned cash. 

The same rules apply to the gambling industry. You want to know as much info on how the market works, the options available to you and how you can make full use of the various markets and promotions. 

When betting on sport, it’s not as simple as just backing winners. There’s much more to it, and choosing the right betting app to join could prove the difference between a profit and loss on your wagers. In this article, we have assigned the help of a sports betting expert who explains to readers some of the non-negotiables when it comes to your sportsbook. Features the bookie simply must have to be deserving of your custom.

Welcome bonus free bet

Any online bookmaker worth a mention will give new players a welcome bonus. It may seem strange to learn bookies are handing out freebies but this has become a necessity to survive in what is a competitive industry. To have any chance of standing out from the competition, a betting app must give bettors an incentive to sign up, ignoring the competition. That’s what the welcome bonus does.

Most bookies offer a new player bonus but some deals are better than others. They may all claim to be the best in the business, but most bonuses prove to be little more than hype when you take the time to read the small print. The best type of welcome bonus is a free bet. In most cases, this is a free bet that is equal in value to your first deposit and bet. This is ideal as it rewards you with a free bet and the bookie knows they are rewarding a player that is serious about betting, rather than just signing up for the bonus.

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Market best odds

You want your bookie to be offering market best odds on every bet you place. It’s important to get the most generous odds when you gamble on sports so take the time to shop around and see which firms are offering good odds on the sports and markets you love to bet on. This can be done by checking any respected betting odds comparison site. 

Check the bet you wish to make and you’ll see the prices offered by every bookie with the most generous offer in bold. That’s the bookie you should gamble with. In most cases, the difference in odds may look minimal and not worth the effort searching for but those small differences soon add up and have an impact on your profit/loss column.

Live streaming

Only the best of the best offer customers the popular live streaming feature. This allows sports bettors to gamble and watch their selections live on an HD quality stream and it usually comes at no extra charge on top of your stake. 

The live streams offered by bookies are available on your desktop computer or mobile app and the quality is as good as you’d see on a television. It has crystal clear sound, exciting camera angles and expert commentary. There’s also live scores from around the leagues, stats on your match of interest and in-play betting, all in one place. 

It has everything you need. Place your bets, watch the action and cheer on your picks then, if you notice in-play value, take advantage of the live betting. This feature really has to be seen to be believed.

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