Man Wins $1 Million From Scratch Off Ticket In Get-Well Card After Heart Surgery

Hadley, MA / USA - July 27, 2019: Woman's hands crumpling losing scratched off lottery tickets


In one of the craziest stories of the day, a man has one a million dollars from a scratch-off ticket that was gifted to him after his open-heart surgery. In an event that without question put his heart to the test, a scary day of surgery ended in quite the celebration.

The Massachusets man was given a get well soon gift that soon would change his life forever.

As reported by CNN, “As McLeish scratched off the first three letters on the crossword lottery ticket, his first glimpse of good luck was revealing his initials: A, W, and M. As he continued matching letters to words on the lottery ticket, for a game called $5,000,000 100X Cashword, he revealed the word “heart” on the bottom row of the puzzle.”

A story that almost sounds too good to be true, Alexand McLeish will now have a tale that will trump anyone while swapping stories.

CNN also stated that McLeish has already accepted his cash winnings, “McLeish claimed his $1 million prize Friday and chose the cash option. Before taxes, he received a one-time payment of $650,000, according to the news release.”

Now can someone please check on the person that gave McLeish this gift?

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