Potatoes – Why Are They so Good for us?



Everyone loves to play poker online free with a bag of potato chips and soda. They say that potato goes with any dish! A good potato mash can enhance the taste of grilled fish and chicken. Also, you can’t think of a burger without fries. Breakfast lovers enjoy hash browns, sunny side up, and bacon in the morning. Well, potatoes are quite versatile, and you can eat them all through the day. Hold that thought! Potatoes are not just good to eat, but they are also good for us. You can reap a multitude of health benefits from potatoes. Here’s an article that sheds light on the subject, ‘why potatoes are good for us.’ Keep reading to find out! 

Gluten’s not for Everyone 

Many people are allergic to gluten, and that’s why they stick to a gluten-free diet. People suffering from coeliac disease should avoid gluten at all costs. Did you know that potato is gluten-free? It is true for sweet potatoes as well – they do not spike your blood sugar level, which is why it is a good meal option. Excess of anything can be bad, so don’t overdo it. Although sweet potatoes have beta carotene, you should eat them in small quantities. 

They Taste Good 

Some things may not be good for you (in larger quantities), but they are tasty. Potatoes can be cooked in various forms. You can cook it the healthy way or make them scrumptious by place the slices in the fryer. 

Potatoes taste good with anything. From grilled fish to burgers – fries, wedges, potato mash, and cutlets taste extraordinary. Let’s not forget that some dishes can’t be made without potatoes. It is a good binding agent, so people make cutlets, croquettes, and many other dishes with some potatoes. 

A Rich Source of Potassium 

We should focus on a ‘balanced diet.’ Eliminating certain food groups could be lethal for your overall health. When you add potato to one of your major meals, you feel full through the day. Moreover, it is a good source of potassium. Roast or bake the potato to gain maximum benefits. Boiled potato won’t benefit you in terms of getting potassium. The potassium leaks out in boiled water, thus roast or bake it. Of course, the boiled potato/mash potato is tasty with a dollop of butter. But you can try baking or roasting it at times. 

Bid Adieu to Fever

When you have a high fever, you need some carbohydrates in your body. Instead of feasting on rice, you can eat boiled/mashed potatoes. You will get your share of carbohydrates. Since mash potato and boiled potato are bland, a person with fever can digest them easily. Avoid spicy foods at this time because they will irritate your stomach lining. 

Is that it? Revealing Some More Benefits of Potatoes 

You must be aware of potato’s ability to lighten your skin tone. You can rub some potato peel on dark areas to get a glowing and lighter skin tone. If there is discolouration anywhere, potatoes can help you get a better skin tone. Try it! 

We do hope that you will not avoid potatoes because they are very good for you. You can pair it with food, get your share of carbohydrates and potassium, and also lighten your skin with the peel. Potatoes are jack of all trades!

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