Game 3 World Series Ticket Prices Are Absolutely Insane


The Atlanta Braves are in the World Series for the first time since 1999. Braves fans are desperate to see their team when the Series comes to Atlanta for Game 3. Good luck finding a ticket that doesn’t cost your life savings. The price of the tickets has many fans upset about not being able to see their team.

A chance to witness history will be costly. In a game that will not decide the winner of the World Series, the average price to get into the Stadium is a little over $1,000. If your fandom is worth paying your mortgage, then this opportunity is too good to pass up.

The comparison for tickets of Game 1 in Houston is almost laughable. Yes, the Fall Classic has come to Houston more frequently as of late, but the price gouging in Atlanta is shameful. Fans should be able to see their team play in the big game for a reasonable price.

Many fans attempted to grab tickets on Ticketmaster but came up short. If only price gouging would cease to exist, then sports fans could live in harmony and enjoy going to live events. If you are one of the fans shelling out the big bucks to see Game 3 of the World Series, good for you. Take a lot of pictures and maybe even film a TikTok.


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Who Does America Want To Win The World Series? Sorry, Astros
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