Champions League 2022- St Petersburg

Kiev, Ukraine - February 22, 2018: Official match ball of the UEFA Final Champions League,


The preliminary rounds of the Champions League are about to end, and the draw will be made in Nyon. Here, they will determine the groups for the following rounds. 

In total, there will be 32 teams in the groups, 26 of which have already qualified thanks to their position in the championship, and 6 qualified through the preliminaries. 

On top of that, Inter, Juventus, Atalanta, and Milan have already qualified for the group stage thanks to their respective positions in their leagues last season. Inter, for example, won their league, and Juventus came fourth by a whisker.

The Final

The Champions League final is scheduled for 28 May in St Petersburg. This is the 30th edition of what has been renamed the UEFA Champions League.

The last team to win the trophy was Tuchel’s English Premier League side, Chelsea. This year they are off to a good start in the Premier League and promising to sparkle in the Champions League, thanks to an excellent squad with the new signing Lukaku.

With the help of our colleagues, we decided to search among the most important sites to understand who are the favourite teams to win the Champions League. Of course, we can only provide you with predictions and statistics.

The absolute favourites

The absolute favourite team seems to be the Sheiks’ PSG, who have taken the liberty to sign no less than Leo Messi, and have formed a stratospheric team with an attack composed of Messi, Neymar, and Mbappè.

However, watch out for Guardiola’s Manchester City, who last season reached the cup final but lost to Chelsea. According to the bookmakers, PSG and City are the leading candidates to win the 2021/2022 Champions League.

Bayern Munich comes next, but they are slightly behind the first two in terms of odds. The Germans have always done well in the Champions League, and last season they paid dearly for the absence of Lewandowski due to injury in the semi-finals against City.

Special ranking

Next up in this special ranking are England’s Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United, with the Red Devils closely followed by Juventus in terms of Champions League winning odds. Barcelona and Real Madrid are far away, as they have suffered and are still suffering from financial and corporate crises without precedent. According to the experts, they will not go far in the Champions League. For those Barcelona and Real Madrid fans looking for something to do while other teams compete for the trophy, relaxing with an online game such as All Slots Casino is a great idea. Playing an online game can be just as exciting as watching your favourite athletes fight for the glory.  


In conclusion, it seems that according to bookmakers, the teams that will compete for the Champions League 2021/2022 will be PSG, City, and Bayern Munich. Of course, these are only predictions, and we know how difficult it is to win the Champions League. Behind every match, there are hundreds of hours of hard training involved, detailed tactics, and a team determined to win at all costs. 

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What Makes a Good Casino Website?
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