Feds Want Help IDing Dodgers Fan Who Looks Like 23-Year Fugitive

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA/USA DECEMBER 22, 2015: Los Angeles Dodgers Clubhouse retail store entrance and sign.


The feds want your help identifying a Los Angeles Dodgers fan.

US Marshals are looking to identify the Dodgers fan because he resembles John Ruffo, one of the 15 most wanted fugitives. Ruffo has been on the run for 23 years, disappearing in 1998 just before he was set to begin serving a 17-year prison sentence after being convicted of a $350 million bank fraud scheme in the 1990s

The man in question was last seen during a 2016 game between the Dodgers and Boston Red Sox right behind home plate.

The Ruffo lookalike was spotted by a cousin who was watching the game.

“I’m watching and right behind home plate, they did a close-up of the batter and there’s Johnny. And I said, ‘Holy Christ, there he is!’” Carmine Pascale told ABC News. “And I immediately called the Marshals. I froze the frame, kept it right in front of me.”

The search for Ruffo is the main focus of the second season of the ABC News podcast, Have You Seen This Man.

“The ones that are the worst are when you have no resolution. That’s what bothers me, is that you just don’t know, is that him or not? The Dodgers footage, is that him? Is that Ruffo? Or is it not?” Deputy Marshal Danielle Shimchick, lead investigator in the cold case.

Ruffo would be 66 years old today and is believed to have vanished with $13 million. The Brooklyn native’s vehicle was discovered at JFK Airport shortly after his disappearance.

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