New MMA League – Structured Like NFL/NBA – Eyeing 2023 Launch

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A new MMA company is rumored to debut in 2023. While a lot of the details have still to surface, the biggest news is the benefits for the fighters. Benefits for the fighters have long been an issue for MMA fighters and an issue that the fans have long supported.

In a post on his website, MMA insider Ariel Helwani gave the details of this new fight league — which he said would be “structured more like the NFL/NBA/NHL than your typical MMA promotion.”.

Helwani also went on to report more on how the promotion plans to support and pay their fighters with an impressive revenue share and CBA.

“This new league would also include an athlete association that implements a [collective bargaining agreement] with 50/50 revenue share, guaranteed contracts, health insurance, career-ending insurance, and a pension plan. The plan is to announce the venture in the coming days, I’m told. They are hoping to launch in 2023.”

Kiev, Ukraine - March 02, 2019: Mikhail Odintsov mma fighters enterd on the ring during WWFC 14 international professional mixed martial arts tournament in Palace of sport, Ukraine


The idea that a promotion is now giving fighters the benefits they deserve and need to survive will appeal to many in the profession. 2023 is a long time away, but it’s not too early for fans and fighters alike to be excited about new blood entering the fight business.

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