5 Techniques to Optimise Yield Your Marijuana Plants

three week old marijuana plant planted in a pot indoors view from above


Marijuana crops require the same time and attention as any other crop. The grower must complete all steps as directed to give the plants adequate sunlight, water, and nutrients. The plants must have space to grow and expand naturally. When reviewing tips for improving crops, growers could find the advice they need to stay on the right track and get the most out of their crops. 

  1. Get the Best Seeds

Growers must evaluate the seeds they select for their crops and ensure that they are viable. Too often, growers do not ensure that their seeds are mature and the correct strain they want to grow. The condition of the seeds determines how well the plants grow and if they will stay healthy. It’s important to evaluate the supplier and ensure that they are a trusted provider, and they do not have a history of inferior seeds or cannabis products. Details about each strain of marijuana define a typical marijuana yield and guide the grower.

  1. Use Nutrients Correctly

All plants must receive nutrients on a regular basis to keep them healthier. When using a grow room, the growers must choose the right soil for the plants and keep it nutrient-rich. They can buy nutrients to add to the soil to improve the quality of the plants. This could increase the health of the plants, but the grower must use the correct amount. If they over-treat the plants, they can cause more damage and cause the plants to become unhealthy. 

  1. Use Timers for Grow Lights

Grow lights must operate according to the right amount of light the plants need each day. At each phase of the growth process, the plants need different volumes of sunlight. If they are in a grow room, artificial light is needed. By setting the grow light up on a timer, the grower can get the correct amount of light for their plants, and the lights shut down at the allotted time limit. This improves the health of the plants and yields a better crop. 

  1. Keep the Crops Secure

The security of the grow room is also important to how much the grower yields. If unauthorized people enter the growth room, they could damage the plants and cause serious issues for the grower. They need to keep the room locked and go into the room when necessary. It isn’t wise to go into the room too often and move the plants or add too much water or nutrients. The grower needs to set up a schedule and stick to the schedule each day. 

  1. Maintain Climate Control for the Grow Room

A grow room must stay at a temperature that is appropriate for the plants. They will need to review the correct room temperature for their plants and keep the thermostat at this setting. It can keep the plants healthy and ensure a larger crop.  

Marijuana crops require growers to take specific steps and follow directions. If the grower doesn’t maintain the plants as directed, the plants could die or become damaged. Growing the plants is a process that requires a synchronicity of steps to provide the plants everything they need to grow. The grow room design itself can affect the plants and how well the plants grow. It must provide all the light the plants need and adequate space for the plants to expand. By following these steps, the grower can optimize their plant yield. 

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