WATCH: Stephen A. Smith’s Monologue As Jimmy Kimmel Live Guest Host (VIDEO)

Stephen Smith attends Harold and Carole Pump Foundation Gala at Beverly Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles, CA on August 20, 2021


Stephen A. Smith stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! as a guest host this week to entertain the late-night crowd.

While Stephen A. may be known for his memeable soundbites and questionable hot takes, he actually showed up and did an impressive job during his opening monologue.

During his monologue, Stephen A. commented on the viral #MilkCrateChallenge, his new meditation program, “encouragement” from his colleagues at ESPN, people taking a cow drug as COVID-19 treatment, and more.

As an added bonus, Stephen A. hit the streets to help settle domestic disputes.

Check it out:

You know what? Give credit where it is do.

While we may give Stephen A. a hard time for his antics on First Take, we have to admit he did an impressive job. We need more of this Stephen A. during his ESPN appearances moving forward.

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