Medical Experts Issue Warning About Milk Crate Challenge Due To Injury Risk



The Milk Crate Challenge has gone mainstream. The challenge, which has taken Twitter and TikTok by storm with incredible videos of people attempting to make their way across a makeshift staircase made of milk crates without an epic wipeout, was the subject of a segment on the TODAY show on Monday.

On the show, they called on medical experts to discuss the obvious dangers of crashing to the ground.

“Emergency rooms across the country are already overcrowded and elective surgeries are being delayed or postponed due to lack of hospital beds,” Dr. Shawn Anthony, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, told TODAY. “This social medial challenge puts unnecessary additional stress on our health system and health care providers.”

Well, thanks for the warning doc, but we’re going to keep watching those willing to take the risk and laugh at the results.

Speaking of watching and laughing, check out some of the best and funniest moments from the Milk Crate Challenge below.

These Are Some Of The Best & Funniest Videos Of The Viral #MilkCrateChallenge
These Are Some Of The Best & Funniest Videos Of The Viral #MilkCrateChallenge
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