Dick Vitale Says He’s Cancer Free After Melanoma Diagnosis Earlier This Year

Dick Vitale has revealed he is now cancer-free.

The 82-year-old Dickie V revealed that he was diagnosed with melanoma earlier this year. Luckily, the cancer was discovered early enough that it did not spread and the legendary college basketball announcer is in high spirits.

“We all know I’m never going to look like Tom Cruise. I’ve got no hair on my dome and I’ve got a body by linguini,” Dickie V joked. “Fortunately, I continue to heal from those cosmetic surgeries and it’s working out fine.”

Dickie V plans to be a full go for the upcoming season which will be his 43rd calling games.

“It helped that we caught it early, and I was thrilled to learn it hadn’t spread. The bottom line is they removed all cancer cells, and I was relieved, big time, to be cancer clear,” Vitale said. “Because of early detection, something the V Foundation constantly emphasizes, thankfully we were more prepared.

“Luckily, I took care of it when I did and I can’t stress enough that you all should do the same! That’s how I’m going to achieve my goal of sitting courtside calling a game when I’m 100 years old!”

Dickie V had four procedures in total.

We’re happy that Dickie V is ready to roll for another year and can’t wait to have him back on the screen calling games, baby!

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