Why Is Ice Hockey Betting So Popular in Canada?

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It really isn’t that much of a surprise that ice hockey is pretty huge in Canada. Ice hockey is one of the two most popular sports in this country. However, it’s superior to the other very popular sport which is lacrosse, and the reasons for this vary. Ice hockey is a big part of the Canadian culture and it’s a sport that many locals consider to be something that their country is the best at.

And since ice hockey has such an important status in Canada it is only natural that many people also like to place bets on it. Canadian bettors see ice hockey betting as a form of supporting their favorite team or player. And since online sports betting has been on the rise in this country, it seems that this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the many different reasons why Canadians simply love ice hockey betting.

Ice Hockey Is An Important Part of the Canadian History

One of the reasons why so many Canadians are interested in placing a bet on ice hockey is because in this way they honor one of the most important sports in their history. Hockey was first introduced to the Canadian audience in 1862 and the first Stanley Cup was held at the end of that same century. Bettors in Canada could also be interested in this sport because their nation dominated the world scene for more than half of the 20th century. The only serious rival was the Soviet Union. And even when they ended up losing from them, the Canadians continued being proud of their athletes like they were the world’s best team. 

It’s Incredibly Easy To Place A Bet on Ice Hockey

Another very important reason why ice hockey betting became so popular is that it’s incredibly easy to place a wager. The previous decade was marked by the expansion of online casinos and sportsbooks that players can access from the comfort of their home or when they are on the go. So, for example, those who like to play casino games, no longer have to travel far to the nearest land-based casino. All they need to do is visit any of the best payout online casino sites and choose a game they like the most. Additionally, Canada offers a huge choice of incredible online platforms for both betting and playing games. Therefore, most Canadians like to enjoy these platforms and possibly earn money while having fun.

It’s A Great Chance To Use Any of the Amazing Bonuses

A great number of Canadian sportsbooks welcome new members with a hefty welcome bonus that they can use on their betting. Therefore many Canadian bettors like to go from one sportsbook to another in pursuit of these welcome offers that they can use on ice hockey betting. Moreover, some of these websites can offer other promotions like matching bonuses or even “win money back” options. It’s very appealing for punters to place bets on ice hockey on the same reliable websites since they could also reward them with a loyalty status over time. 

Various Betting Options

The best way to understand your betting options with a particular sport is by understanding the sport itself first. So, since so many Canadians love ice hockey, it’s understandable that they know the best way to use all the betting options that come with this sport. The same as with many other sports, ice hockey also has plenty of betting options that are available to Canadian punters. Of course, they can place a wager on the final score. But they can also bet on the score of each individual period, winning margin, and puck line.

Makes Them Feel Like They Are a Part of the Game

Even though watching an ice hockey game in the arena can be fun, betting on the game only enhances the entire experience. And this is something that all Canadaian bettors are very well aware of. A great number of Canadians places wagers on ice hockey so they could feel more involved and connected to their favorite game and team, 


There are many reasons why ice hockey betting is so trendy in Canada. From being a perfect weekend activity for sports fans to having different advantages like the possibility of using generous bonuses, placing a wager on this sport is something that will only gain more popularity as time goes by. 


Emma Rundle is a committed content writer that specializes in writing informative articles about the iGaming industry. Emma enjoys discovering the best gambling and sports betting platforms that offer the best casino games and bonuses for the players. Whenever she can, Emma likes to play online slots or poker with her friends. 

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