US Pole Vaulter Sam Kendricks Out Of Olympics After Positive COVID Test

PARIS, FRANCE - SEP.13: Sam Kendricks win pole vault on DecaNation International Outdoor Games on September 13, 2015 in Paris, France. Sam Kendricks Is an athlete US, specialist in pole vaulting


Sam Kendricks, a world champion pole vaulter representing the United States, has been forced out of the Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for COVID-19.

Kendricks is the two-time reigning world champion in the pole vault and was the clear favorite to top the podium.

“Today in Tokyo, officials informed Sam that his daily test for Cov 19 was positive, So he is out of the competition. He feels fine and has no symptoms. Love you son. See you soon. #rancho_olympia #polevaulting,” Kendricks’ father and co-coach Scott Kendricks wrote on social media before removing the post.

Following the announcement of Kendricks’ positive test, the Australian track and field team was forced to isolate in their rooms because three members had contact with Kendricks. Luckily, the three athletes returned negative tests and were able to return to regular activities, according to ESPN.

Argentinian pole vaulter German Chiaraviglio also announced he has been forced out of the games due to coronavirus.

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