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Imagine if football lovers and avid card gamblers came together and were tasked to come up with one great idea. The likely result would be Football Studio. This game is practically a mashup of everything that’s great about both football and card games. It’s quickly gaming popularity among the online gambling community, especially since it’s found on the most trusted gambling sites like Betnero. Football Studio is a game that was developed by Evolution Gaming. It’s a football-themed card game that is vastly rising in fame in large part due to how easy it is to play. On top of that, the football element is just appealing to so many people online.

In this article, we will go over what exactly Football Studio is, how the game works, and why many people seem to find it so much fun.

Gameplay Mechanics

If you have ever played Dragon Tiger before, then you would be very familiar with how Football Studio works. It’s essentially the same game but with a football skin planted on top of it. You can play Football on a variety of different casino sites just like Betnero. All you have to do is access the game and load some money into your account online. If you already have some money in your e-wallet, then you’ve got that step covered.

Again, if you have ever played Dragon Tiger in the past, then you will find a lot of similarities with how Football Studio is played as well. In Dragon Tiger, you  bet on either Dragon, Tiger, or Tie. However, in Football Studio, you bet on Home Win, Away Win, or Draw. It’s literally that simple. You have three betting options, which gives you a 33.33% chance of winning. The game is so easy to pick up that it makes for the perfect entry-level game for people who are new at online gambling. The football element just makes things more interesting given that football is still one of the most popular sports in the world.

You still might be confused on why Football Studio is so popular. Well, one other element that we haven’t discussed yet is the fact that there are live dealers at play during Football Studio games. This means that the games aren’t being powered by software engines or algorithms. They are literally being run by human dealers just like in a regular casino. This adds a layer of authenticity and realness to the online gambling experience.

The game starts out with a round of betting: Home, Away, or Draw.

Then, two cards are dealt face-up on the table which is decorated to look much like a football pitch. One card is set on the Home side of the table while the other is set on the Away side. Whichever side gets the higher value card wins.

As far as ranking is concerned, Aces are the highest ranking cards with two being the lowest ranking card. All suits have equal value, which creates the possibility of a draw. If you happen to bet on a draw and the odds come out in your favor, then you are repaid 11:1 for your bet. All of the winning bets are paid out at the end of each round.

As you can see, it’s an incredibly easy game to learn and you don’t need much practice to get the hang of things. 

Tips and Tricks for Winning

Ultimately, it’s a game of chance and there’s really not much strategy to winning this game. Of course, you can occasionally bet on a draw for a chance to get a return on your bets. However, you have significantly less chances of winning whenever you place your bet on a draw.

When it comes to betting limits, you can bet as little as £1 and as much as £10,000 for every hand. The important thing to remember is to not get greedy whenever you go on a hot streak. You always want to make sure that you play within your means and stick to whatever limit you give yourself. Don’t chase after recuperating your losses. If it’s a bad night, then just try again another day. After all, with the popularity of this game, it’s definitely not going away anytime soon. 

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