Top 5 UFC Fighters in 2020-2021

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Those who enjoy visiting Aussie online casinos with incredible welcome offers or placing sports bets know that UFC is one of the most popular MMA promotion companies in the US and in the world. And for this reason, those fighting in the UFC are considered to be some of the greatest sports stars.

And just like the hype over low wagering casinos in Australia with minimum payout requirements doesn’t stop, the same happens with people’s obsession with the best UFC stars. They are fierce, strong, powerful, and funny at the same time, and most of all, entertaining. So, here are the top 5 UFC fighters in 2020-2021.

Jon Jones

Jon Jones, also known as Bones, is the current champion in the light heavyweight division. He is one of the most popular UFC fighters at the moment. While many MMA fans were adapting to the lifestyle during a pandemic, most of them were eager to see Jonathan Dwight Jones perform his magic in the ring once more. Jon holds different records in UFC like: 

  • Having the most successful defenses
  • The number of consecutive title defense
  • Most victories
  • Longest winning streak
  • Most wins by submission

Kamaru Usman

Born in 1987, Kamarudeen Usman is one of the most promising young fighters of our time. And while many people his age are trying to make money online, Kamaru has dedicated all of his time to becoming the greatest person in the octagon ring. Kamaru was born in Nigeria, and he moved to the USA when he was 8. During his high school and college education, he won many different competitions and participated in different fight promotions before joining the UFC. 

Israel Adesanya

At 32 years old, Israel Adesanya is the type of fighter that the NY Times would write about. Also known as the Last Stylebender, Israel is of Nigerian origin and he’s currently undefeated in professional MMA. Moreover, he’s the current champion of the Middleweight division. His nickname, The Last Stylebender, was given to him because of his unique style of fighting. Israel began his kickbox training at 18, and in 2012 he made his professional debut. He spent some period of his career fighting in Australia, Hong Kong, and China, and then he was finally signed by the UFC, So, in 2017 it became clear that another fighting star has come to set new records. 

Alexander Volkanovski

The Australian professional MMA fighter, Alexander Volkanovski, is the current Featherweight Champion in the UFC. The 33-year old showed how much success he will have in this division way back when he became the AFC (Australian Fighting Champion) champion for the same category. Even though he was born in New South Wales, he’s of mixed origin (his mother is Greek, and his father is Macedonian). Volkanovski began practicing wrestling, particularly the Greco-Roman style, while he was really young. He even managed to win a national title when he was 12 years old. For a period in his life, he wanted to become a professional rugby player, but eventually, he came back to fighting. 

Francis Ngannou

After his debut in 2015, it was obvious that Francis Ngannou will be the next big name of the UFC. This MMA fighter is of Cameroonian origin, and he currently fights in the Heavyweight division. Also known as the Predator, Francis holds the record for the highest punching power in the history of this competition. Even though he started boxing at 22 years old, that didn’t stop him from making up for the lost time through hard training and dedication. 

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