How Football and Pandemics Are Both Triggers for a Surge in Online Gambling

It’s no secret that a massive number of people enjoy luck-based games or gambling. Casinos have been one of the most lucrative businesses for years, and when they became available online, the users just came running. However, something happened during the pandemic in 2020, and the number of searches suddenly surged. This means there was an influx of new players, and given the circumstances, this was definitely not a coincidence. Moreover, it doesn’t seem like the pandemic itself is the main contributing factor. Here we will go over how both lockdown and football actually led to this sudden rise in interest.  

The Impact of Lockdown

For starters, the pandemic itself did not directly cause a sudden spike in online gambling. In fact, the pandemic led to massive lockdown, which then caused a chained reaction. People who gamble usually do it during their time off, or when they are not busy doing anything else. However, with the lockdown, most of the people worked from home and were also unable to socialize that much. Moreover, this sudden change can also take a toll on mental health, as we are drastically changing our habits and we have no idea when it will end.   

As a result, people had to find different activities to pass the time and make the whole thing more bearable. Research shows that the adults and young adults who gambled in the past are more likely to gamble online. So, when you have a lot of people who may have gambled once in a blue moon, and who have nothing better to do at home, it’s no surprise that they turned to this form of entertainment. 

Providers Were Quick to Act

Another thing to remember is that online casinos always try to attract new users, so when the interest in online gambling was higher they decided to sweeten the pot. This means there were more incentives or welcome offers for new players joining the best casino sites in the uk. Players were searching for the biggest sign up bonus online casino in order to take full advantage of these deals and get more worth for their buck. The best players in the UK know well they should not ignore these offers as they give them lots of free spins for slots games or simply double and even triple their deposit. 

No Sports Events   

Pandemic or lockdown also led to the cancellation of all of the major sports events that were scheduled for 2020. Sports betting and gambling are usually linked together especially in regions where both of these are legal. This means there is a massive player base that both bets and gambles online, however, without any events to bet on their attention was focused on online casinos. This also led to a higher interest in betting on virtual sports and on e-sports events. This only shows that the sports are not exactly responsible for the desire to wager on the outcomes, it’s what people generally like to do and they will find a way to do so even in these circumstances. 

Football Introduced A Lot of People to Gambling 

Finally, we must not ignore the fact that both sports betting and gambling were heavily advertised over the years, which is in general something a lot of people don’t like. Even those who enjoy betting are not on board with the idea of their kids being exposed to these ads. However, football teams and football players have often been used to advertise this entertainment. Since football is one of the most popular sports with high views, a lot of people become aware of sports betting from a young age, simply because they watch football.  

It Won’t Last Forever 

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Online casinos are not the only industry that saw a sudden increase in revenue during the pandemic. The gaming industry also enjoyed a spike in sales which goes for both video games and video games consoles. As stated, people are stuck at home and are simply looking for a new way to entertain themselves. Both industries are aware that these numbers will go down once the situation is back to normal, which is pretty much what happened.  


To sum up, lockdown is the main reason why everyone had a lot more time on their hands and decided to seek entertainment by playing casino games. Football mainly contributed through advertising these providers in the past, and because it also became absent from our lives. 


Author’s Bio:

Emma Rundle is a detail-oriented and passionate writer. She is closely monitoring the latest happening in the sports betting industry and is always looking for new online casinos. She loves to share her insights and tips for beginners who wish to get better at poker and blackjack. 

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