30,000 Pounds Of Oysters Invade Olympic Venue; $1.28M In Repairs Needed

Tokyo, Japan; January 1st 2020; Olympic Rings in the Odaiba bay with the Rainbow Bridge in the background.


The Tokyo Olympics continue to be surrounded by drama leading up to this week’s opening ceremony.

First, the coronavirus pandemic led to a state of emergency in Japan and there were positive COVID-19 tests in Olympic Village. Now, an invasion of mollusks threatened a venue that will be used for canoeing and rowing at the Summer Games.

According to a report from BBC, 30,000 pounds of oysters were found clinging to floats at Sea Forest Waterway in Tokyo Bay.

The floats are in place to stop waves from crashing into athletes who are competing in the events, and the oysters caused the barriers to begin sinking. That led to an emergency repair operation which cost a whopping $1.28 million.

In the end, 30,000 pounds of magaki oysters were recovered, according to Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun.

If there is any silver lining, magaki oysters are considered a delicacy in Japan.

There is one issue, however. Olympic officials worry that the oysters could return to the venue during or after the Tokyo Olympics which could cause more problems for event organizers.

Did anyone have mollusk invasion threatening an Olympic event on their 2021 bingo card?

The Olympics officially kick off on Friday, July 23, and will run through Sunday, August 8.

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