The Complete Beginners Guide to Hair Sticks and Pins


Many years ago, during the Shang Dynasty (1600 to 1050 BC), hair jewelry was adorned by much of China. It served as a symbol of elitism to some and a decorative gift for others. The more extravagant your hair sticks or pins, the more likely you belong to a noble family. It is said that these hair sticks and pins are one of the oldest hair accessories to exist.

A Brief History of Hair Sticks and Pins

Even today, many people love accessorizing their hairstyles with these ancient ornaments. However, the history of using sticks or pins did not begin during the Shang dynasty. It is believed that even before their use in China, Neanderthal’s used thorns and animal bones to keep their hair in place. 

Initially, these hair sticks were made of naturally found material such as thorns, bones, and plants. As time went on, women became more conscious of their looks and desired prettier-looking things, which led to the making of more elaborate and eye-catching hair sticks. 

We have previously mentioned a link between hair sticks and China. However, more archeological findings have shown hair sticks from various ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greeks, and Romans. Although hair sticks were primarily worn by women from noble families, there were some decent designs that the poor could afford.

How to Use a Hair Stick?

Using a hair stick seems simple but getting it to stay there is the challenging part. Most people who begin their journey of using hair sticks always mention how difficult it was initially to keep their hair in place. What drives most people away from hair sticks is their design practicality, but it’s no rocket science. 

You simply have to choose a hairstyle of your desire and place the hair stick according to your presence. Make sure you push the pin inwards sufficiently, and if you still struggle with using the stick, try using a ‘Z patterned’ movement to hold it. 

There is no rule behind what hair stick works best with what clothing or style you are carrying. However, it is crucial to note that not every hairstyle works with a hair stick. 

Hairstyles to Make with Your Hair Stick

Having hair sticks and pins will not be of any benefit if you cannot make a hairstyle that requires their use. Here’s a list of some hairstyles you can create and show off your decorative pieces with them. 

  • Hair Bun

If you are unfamiliar with using hair sticks, then hair buns are a great place to begin at. It is a classic option, simple to make, and requires little to no expertise. Simply twist your hair and then roll it into a bun. Then add the stick in a diagonal direction, either top to bottom or bottom to top. You can use one or more hair sticks in a cross pattern as well if you would like.

  • Braided Buns

A slightly upped version of the classic hair bun is the braided bun. Begin making the hairstyle as you would for a regular bun by twisting your hair. Repeat the last step until you are left with a decent amount of length. Using the remaining hair, make a braid and then roll it around the bun. Finally, place the hair stick in whichever direction you prefer.

  • French Twist

French braids are hard to make on your own hair. Getting help with this hairstyle will make it easier for you. The first step requires making the French braid starting all the way up. Once you have reached the lower middle part of your hair or at the length where you would prefer your bun, start twisting. Once you have turned your hair into a bun, place the hair stick in.

  • Socks Bun

This hairstyle involves the use of socks. Yes, you have read that right you need a sock for this as it will provide you the volume you need for the bun. To make this hairstyle grab any socks you have (washed and dried), cut off the end, and roll the socks to form a humongous hair tie. Begin with placing your hair in a ponytail and add the socks hair tie on. Now partition your hair into two halves and twist in opposite directions. 

Once you have twisted your hair, begin using bobby pins to secure your end into the bun. Following this, add the hair stick as per your desire.

  • Chinese Braided Buns

If you have watched historical Chinese Dramas, you would know what hairstyle we are about to discuss. Begin with placing your hair into a ponytail that begins at the crown. Then divide the hair into equal parts as many strands as you would like. Braids the equal part into similar 2 pieces and then roll it into a bun. Lastly, add the hair sticks into the braided hair across the ponytail.


Top 3 Things to Remember When Choosing the Right Hair Stick

No one hair stick is similar to another. Hence several factors should play a role during your purchase. To make the best use of your hair stick and invest in the right one, we have compiled a list containing 3 things to keep your eyes on.

  • Choosing the Length

The length of the hair stick can determine how easy and how aesthetically pleasing your hairstyle looks. If you have short hair, investing in a short pin is better as a longer one would stick out. And for long hair, a long hair stick would be required, or the hairstyle will not stay in place.

  • Hair Sticks and Skin

Some people have sensitive scalps or certain skin conditions that prevent using hair sticks made of materials such as metal. In this case, it is beneficial to invest in bamboo-made hair sticks.

  • Hairstyle

Different hairstyles require different lengths and styles of hair sticks; hence it is crucial to ensure you are investing in the right kind of accessory before purchasing. 

Now that you have a lot of ideas about hair sticks and pins, it would be great if you can use these tips on your daily life and go out and be glamorous with those accessories.

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