Basketball Betting Tips & Guide

Basketball is known as one of the most spectacular kinds of sports. Moreover, numerous gamblers believe that basketball is the most convenient sport to bet on. First, basketball teams play 3-4 times each week what gives more and more opportunities for gamblers to bet. Secondly, an important feature is a large number of betting options – totals, blocked shots, and so on. This also helps players to earn a bigger amount of money in a shorter period of time.

It may be really hard for a first-time player to bet on basketball, as there are many specific nuances. So if you are interested in this topic, keep reading the article to find out all the tips and strategies for a successful game. 

1. Analyze Information

To bet properly and win money you should always analyze the information before the game. Basketball analytics is somewhat easier than soccer analytics because there is always enough information about the opponents. But what to consider when analyzing basketball games? 

  • The current physical condition of the opponents
  • Results of previous games
  • History of encounters
  • Tournament position and motivation
  • The list of injured and disqualified players

2. Search for Professional Websites

It is better to play at reputable websites that will definitely pay your winnings. For instance, Canadian players prefer to find a reputable online casino and bet there. Very often casinos provide an opportunity to bet on sports and even give the chance to get 200 free spins. In this case, no matter if the sports bet does not win, you will not lose too much money, as one of the spins will surely hit the jackpot. Another suggestion is to start betting on collegiate basketball, as there are plenty of opportunities to find good value picks. Using handicapping sites such as Docs basketball picks is very useful as you’ll find expert recommendations and increase your chances of wagering success. Take note of these strategies.

3. Bet on Quarters and Totals

Every match consists of four quarters. It is advisable to bet on it if you are sure that the event will occur in a particular quarter. Bets on the total in basketball should be based on statistics, but also take into account other aspects: the flow of the game, the physical condition of players, and other important factors. 

4. Try Live Betting

Live gambling is attractive with the possibility of catching higher odds. It is better to play at the end of the match when the outcome is much easier to predict. In the case of a loss, you can bet twice as much the next time to come out in the plus. This strategy is widely used in live basketball gambling. 

5. Bet on Blocked Shots

A blocked shot is an element of defense in basketball. To play on blocked shots, you should consider the defensive abilities of teams. If there are strong defenders, you can determine this from statistics or during the game. Of course, it is best to make such bets using live betting.

Beginner’s Guide

If you are a beginner and just want to start gambling, you will need to take a few simple steps.

1. Register On the Website

Be sure to enter all your real passport data! This is very important because, in controversial situations, you will not be able to get the earned money without verification. After you have entered your details, follow the instructions on the website to confirm your identity.

2. Choose Сonvenient Payment System

Take a look at all the fees and choose the best option. Funds will be transferred to your account and after that, basketball gambling will become available.

3. Go to Specific Tab

On the main page of the website click on the basketball section and choose the league you are interested in. See the available events, analyze them.

4. Start the Game

Having chosen a particular match, read the odds. Depending on your strategy make the right bet. 

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about betting on basketball. Just follow this plan and you will easily make your first bet.

Final Words

Basketball is one of the most common sports among gamblers. In order to understand how to make money on basketball betting, you need to learn how to properly analyze the match and make the right conclusion. All comes with experience, the main thing is to play thoughtfully, without letting the excitement ruin everything.

If you want to be a successful player and win some real money, you should bet according to a strategy. There are plenty of them, but there is no single win-win plan. Nevertheless, a good strategy in combination with analysis and knowledge always gives a positive result.   

About the Author 

Mila Roy is a gambling expert and professional content manager. She holds the position of Content Strategist at Gamblizard, where her expertise is used for content plan development. Her team writes articles on gambling topics, as well as analyzes bonus offers from the online casino industry.

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