15-Year-Old US Swimming Prodigy Katie Grimes Qualifies For Olympics

TOKYO, JAPAN, JANUARY. 20. 2020: Marathon Swimming pictogram and olympic rings. Original wallpaper for olympic game


A swimming prodigy will be a member of the United States swimming team at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. This weekend, 15-year-old Katie Grimes completed her qualification, becoming the youngest woman to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Swim Team since 2012.

Grimes will be joining Katie Ledecky, who was also 15 when she made her Olympic debut and won the gold medal in the 800m freestyle.

“I don’t even know. Just speechless,” Grimes told NBC’s Michele Tafoya about her qualifying. “It’s been a long time. I know I’m just 15, but it’s a lot of work.”

With Grimes and Ledecky competing for gold in Tokyo, Ledecky will surely take the phenom under her wing.

“I told her after her mile the other day when she got third, ‘You’re the future,’ and I told her after that, ‘She’s the now,'” Ledecky said. “I think Katie-squared is going to crush it in Tokyo.”

It will be exciting to see the two stars competing side-by-side in Tokyo later this summer.

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