How to Learn English With the Podcasts


Podcasts are a unique series of audio files that anyone can use for personal growth. The only thing a person needs is a device like a phone, tablet, or computer to listen to podcasts. The series of podcasts usually plays an educational role; they are produced in different languages and accents by various people. The diversity makes it a great tool in learning a foreign language. It is why we will look closer at these types of materials to show you how you can improve your English. Let’s go!

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Why It Is Important to Listen to the Podcasts

It would help if you listened to their conversations more often to understand English-speaking people better. Start by choosing short, slow-paced instructional audio recordings, and then move on to audio material from honest conversations of native speakers. You will learn intonation features, pronunciation of sounds, stressing in words, and placing logical pauses.

Understand Accents’ Diversity

Many of the materials that we used to study listening to school are outdated. They play out irrelevant situations, and the vocabulary of the heroes is too bookish. We get unnatural dialogues as a result. Modern listening makes it possible to learn an ever-changing living language and get from the basics to know how to speak English fluently.

Get On With Grammar

Modern listening teaches you to listen to abbreviated grammatical constructions and helps you understand the application of rules in context. You will also be able to make sure if the speakers are using such a difficult time as Past Perfect Continuous or if the teachers in vain tortured you with them.

Boost Your Brain Activity

We are used to perceiving information visually in the age of smartphone addiction and palletization. The best challenge for you will be audio materials in English if you want to improve your concentration. It is a double work of the brain: to change the usual information channel to sound and process a foreigner’s speech. It is more interesting! You can choose from podcasts, audio series, and radio shows according to your interests. You will shine in front of your friends and colleagues if you recognize a new trend in the profession or a popular slang word.

How to Learn English With the Podcasts

  • Choose fun material at the right level;

It is essential to choose the podcasts that you can learn from with or without an English tutor. They have to fit your English level and sometimes overlap it.

  • Find the best way to work with your podcast;

Listen to the audio material and try to understand as much information from it as possible. Try to catch the central message of the recording if this is difficult, t. Retell what you hear to friends, family, or yourself in the mirror, trying to imitate the speaker’s speech.

  • Parse unfamiliar words and grammar;

Work with new material. Met unfamiliar vocabulary, look for it in collocation dictionaries, new constructions in grammar manuals. After that, try to make up some sentences with them.

  • Choose more and more complicated tasks.

Let’s say you can quickly get the speech of the top entry-level educational podcasts. It is excellent, but you cannot rest on your laurels. Choose more complex materials, throw yourself new challenges. It is how you can boost your skills.

Top Podcasts to Learn English

Voice of America Learning English. American podcasts tailored for language learning. You will find the latest political, cultural, and scientific news, short stories, idiom origin stories. The pace of the speakers is moderate and will make it possible to make out all the words. The most necessary vocabulary is highlighted in transcripts and placed in a separate list.

BBC Podcasts. Podcasts range from five to sixty minutes for the Intermediate level and above. You can download all audio materials for free. Each entry has a kind of expiration date, after which it is removed from the site.

Radio Wolfgang is not just podcasts but a whole community of people creating a new media format. Participants propose topics of interest to them and choose the best ones by voting. Podcasts are developed for the winning issues. There is a lot of documentary and scientific material, entertainment content, and stories of individuals here.

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