‘Big’ John McCarthy Breaks 6 Ribs, Punctures Lung After Tree Kicks Back On Him

Chelyabinsk, Russia - December 5, 2015: referee John McCarthy in ring closeup during Cup of Russia MMA


Bellator announcer and former referee “Big” John McCarthy was involved in a scary incident over the weekend while attempting to do some lawn work.

McCarthy took to social media to share his experience which all started with a little tree trimming.

Eventually, the tree kicked back on McCarthy and caused six broken ribs, a punctured lung, and cuts, and bruises to his face.

“Well, 6 broken ribs and one punctured lung later, I have figured out that lumberjacks need way more respect!!!” McCarthy’s post read.

“Well that looks good. I have fought myself. I [intelligible] bunch of broken ribs, that’s why I can hardly talk right now. ‘Cuz I had a tree attack me. I’m gonna go see how many ribs I broke. It’s a lot of fun! I would talk longer, but I have a hard time breathing. I’ll talk to you later, bye!”

Talk about painful.

The follow up post from McCarthy showed that this was a pretty large tree that caused the damage, too, so luckily it wasn’t a lot worse.

Heal up, Big John.

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