5 Clever Ways to Get More Comments on Instagram This Month

OXFORD, UK - DECEMBER 5th 2016: An apple iPhone showing the instagram application alongside other instagram printed logos. Instagram is a popular social media application for sharing images and videos


Everyone wants to get a lot of comments on the Insta App. A large number of comments means people are interacting with your content. This action gives you the opportunity to start a conversation with them and shows the algorithms of the social network that your posts are interesting.

But first of all  you need to improve your profile, make it more interactive and enjoyable for visitors. For example, you can use different layouts for visual content, update the design and color scheme. Thanks to Crello, a cool tool that provides awesome Instagram post templates it becomes a really easy task, even a beginner can handle it.

Secondly, it’s worth remembering that not all ways to get comments are good. Brands buy fake followers, they also try to buy the fake comments. Often they use the opportunity to tag other users, thereby creating the allegedly desired activity. You do not need to do this, social networks may not like it. In this article we will tell how to get more ‘right’ comments.

Choose an Effective Posting Time

Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t display content in chronological order, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to what time and day you post. Analyze at what time your posts receive the maximum response and plan publications in advance, on the right day and time.

Publish Content that Strikes a Chord

Certain types of content will resonate with Instagram users. Analyze what types of your posts are most popular with audiences and what topics are the most relevant. These messages are often emotional, sentimental, or provocative. They will receive a greater response, tied to current events, including holidays. Ask users to share their experiences, ask about habits, dreams, and desires. In short, think about what your subscribers will be willing to share and what they will discuss in the comments to the post.

Respond to Comments

One surefire way to get more comments is to make the most of what you already have in your posts. Respond to comments posted by other users. Not only the number of comments depend on this, but it helps generate more discussion. And the more discussion, the more comments.

Start an Instagram Contest

Contests is a sure way to get more users’ comments. You cannot require users to tag their friends for a contest (this violates Instagram contest rules), but you can ask to comment on your post to join a contest. You can make a contest as a kind of campaign for a week, during which users will have to write under the publication every day.

Promote Your Instagram Posts

If you need to collect more comments on any post, promote it. This will make your post more visible, and the more people can see your posts, the more likely you are to get comments on them. You can quickly launch an Instagram post promotion if you have a business account. As you view each post, a blue Promote button will be available. You can then choose whether you want to send people to your profile or site, or reach out to users in the vicinity of a specific location. Any of these can help you get more comments.


Do not try to deceive the social network and to cheat comments. This will not attract users but scares them. Instead, focus on using strategies that regularly increase engagement with your profile. The interaction you get in return will be natural and more effective.

Likes, replies, and video views are valuable Instagram capital because they affect the position of your posts in custom feeds. If people actively engage with your content, your brand will pop up on discovery pages. If you want the algorithm to expand your reach, be sure to try out the Comment Driving Techniques.

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