6 Amazing Grown-up Sports Decor For Your Home

If you are a sports fan, you surely know how great sporty vibes can be for any home. They are the major bonding force behind any sports-loving family and definitely an integral part of the house’s decor. 

If you, too, grew up to be a sports fan and had plenty of sports decor as a child, you will essentially know how difficult it becomes to channel an energetic sports vibe as an adult without looking tacky. A kid’s room can be over the top, and all decked with floor-to-ceiling sporting gear and play area and still pass as cute. But as an adult, it will look more like a man cave than a family room. Consequently, adding to the difficulty of designing a stylish, elegant sports-oriented home. 

But, don’t worry. Here, we have just the right ideas for you to style yourself a living space that subtly showcases your love for sports and still makes it look like a family space. So, read on!

1. Sport a Framed canvas print

When you think of home decor, wall decor is the first thing that pops into mind, and rightly so. They are usually the first thing your visitors will notice when they enter your space, and if they are drab, they will certainly not make a good impression. 

Luckily, a good canvas print can solve all your problems. Canvas prints are classy, elegant, stylish, and definitely give a grown-up look to your area. So what could be better than a canvas print to help you add some sporty looks into your home?

You can easily get the framed prints of your favorite sports player or sports team by CanvasPop and incorporate them into your decor. You could also go for a captivating shot like your favorite game’s most epic moment or when you met your sports idol and convert the picture memory into home decor!

2. Display a sports equipment

Nothing could better display your love for sports than an actual piece of sports equipment displayed in your home. You could go for a football casually resting on a side table in your living room or wall-mounted hockey sticks if you will. You could also get an open cupboard and randomly place a football, basketball, or your favorite sports equipment on the cupboard’s shelves, among other decor items. If you have autographed sporting gear as memorabilia, all the better!

You could also follow the three decor item rule and display one sporting equipment like a baseball with two other decor items on a shelf or vice versa. One very practical idea is to nail some strong, heavy-duty nails on a big empty wall and use them to hang your sporting bicycle. Then, you can easily get your bicycle off it when off for a ride and display it back again!

3. Get some merch

You need not always look for specific decor items to display your love for staying energetic and some good sport. A little display of sports clothes can do the magic, too! If you are a raging sports fan, you sure have your favorite team’s jersey or even your favorite player’s tee with his/her name and number on it. This can pretty much double up as decor. You can easily mount them on a wall or just frame the tee and hang it.

This works even great if you were or are an active sports member and have a lovely sports jersey from your epic matches. Just get the cloth out of its storage, frame it, or simply mount it on your wall. 

You can make the whole decor look even better if you have a photo of the sports match starring that particular jersey to go with it. You could choose to frame it or get it made into a canvas, too, and hang it along with the jersey!

4. Basketball planters

Making basketball planters is a huge trend right now and is especially cute and chic considering if you have a special spot for sporting some indoor plants. You can get ready to use planters made out of cut-out basketball. Just fill in some soil in it, and top it with your favorite plant and you are ready to go.

If you are actually looking to DIY the look, you can begin with getting a basketball that you will not mind cutting out. All you need is a cutter, a rope to hang the planter, soil, and a plant! Begin by marking a circle a few centimeters above the basketball center that goes all the way around the basketball. Carefully cut out this circular top piece, and you will have a hollowed-out basketball.

Fill it with indoor plant soil, carefully plant it in your indoor plant, and you are ready to showcase it. You can even plant vines in it or hang multiple planters at varying heights to further elevate the look. 

5. Rustic team logos

If you have an especially cozy house, incorporating sporty and energetic themes into the decor can be challenging. But you can totally get the situation in control by using some wooden twigs, sticks, or beams and using them to hang your team signs or logos. The woody and earthy elements of the wooden staff used to display the logo will add in some mature vibes to the logo, completely transforming the look from childish sports craze to adulthood fandom. 

Another way to go is to frame your favorite team logos alongside those of your family members in wooden (or elegant modern frames if you wish) and display the frames as an art gallery collection. The resulting look will definitely be grown-up and settle in well in a mature household. 

6. Get a double duty game table

If you have an ultra-modern, sophisticated home, there are plentiful ways to bring in some grown-up sports decor, but nothing can beat a game table. Game tables are surely envy-inducing elements when brought into any home and are simply cool and fun to have. The one best way to go when looking for gaming tables is to find collections that double up as practical things. For example, it wouldn’t do to bring home a tennis table if you use it only for a few days and then shift it to the storage room.



Instead, bring in a table that can be converted into a dining table so that you can have some fun time whether you use it for dining or playing an indoor game!

Now that you have enough ideas to transform your home, have some fun with your sporting gear and decor pieces right away!

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