The Effect Of Sports And Physical Education In Schools

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First introduced in 1920, at a time when schools decided to focus on gymnastics, care, and physical development of the human body, physical education had gone on to become a major part of school activities.

It later became a formal requirement immediately after the civil war by states that requested physical education be passed into law, thereby, allowing schools to add it to their curriculum. Some other neutral bodies like The Young Men Christian Association also bought the idea and engaged in physical education as one of its primary activities.

The fact that sports and physical education both involve physical activities makes them similar and as such are practiced together. Physical education and sports as a teaching subject are aimed at helping students discover, and transform their potentials, to enable them to progress effectively, for themselves and the society at large. 

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Physical education and sports have and are still making impacts in the world today, and by this, we will take a look at some of their effects on the human race.

  • Physical Effects

Sports and physical education, being an activity that involves stretching the body helps improves the body muscles and makes them more flexible. It also helps make the body strong and agile.

  • Emotional Effects

Being actively involved in sports and physical education sure has a way of maintaining emotional stability. It helps in concentration and maintaining focus. Developing confidence and self-discipline is another effect that it gives as a result of the activities involved.


  • Social Effects

Most sports and physical activities involve teamwork and leadership. The relay race is an example of teamwork. Activities like this help kids better understand the importance and benefits of working as a team. 

In working as a team, tolerance for teammates is learned, respect and trust are developed, cooperation is put into practice and each kid gets to know what responsibility is all about.

Nonetheless, leadership and communication skills are not left out here. To be able to fully cooperate and win as a team, there must be effective communication between the teammates. 

All these are really important skills that help shapes the kids’ mentality as they grow. Getting them equipped with these skills is a great way of preparing them for the future.

  • Health Effects

One very important effect of sports and physical education is the health benefits involved. Studies have proven that regular sporting activities help the body. It does this by aiding blood circulation to the brain and the connecting nerves as well.

When this happens, the brain is very active and functions quite well leading to enhanced thinking capabilities and creativity. You can learn more about the practical health benefits and even do it as an assignment, simply by exploring

Physical education is one very effective way of relieving stress and anxiety, and sporting helps free up the mind, giving a more relaxed mind and in this way, things can be handled appropriately, in the right frame of mind.

Sports also help reduce obesity. When the body lacks proper work and movements, excess fats are stored and this could grow into obesity if not handled on time. Physical education is a good way of preventing such issues. It comes with no extra cost, with many more health benefits attached. 

To Conclude

Sports and physical education have numerous effects and over the years, there has been great improvement in it. Not only that people are now being actively involved in it, while some have taken it as a hobby. 

Moreover, sports and physical education are now gaining world recognition in form of several organized world-class games like The Olympics and many others. The foundation of it will always be the school and its benefits can’t be overemphasized.

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