You Can Now Get Even Drunker On White Claws Thanks To New ‘Surge’ Drink

Irvine, California/United States - 09/01/2020: A view of a display case full of cases of White Claw hard seltzer beverages, seen at a local grocery store.


White Claws have become a cultural phenomenon and are the go-to alcoholic beverage for the summer and nice trips out onto the lake. And now, they can get you even drunker.

The company announced it would be ramping up the alcohol content with a new sub-brand of the drink.

Much like Bud Light has Bud Light Platinum, White Claw has unveiled White Claw Surge.

The drink boosts the alcohol content from 5% ABV to 8% ABV with the new drink, so you can really let loose while you’re pounding the Claws.

Surge will only be available in a single-serve 16-ounce can that is expected to cost about $2.99, according to Trillist.

Upon launch, you have two flavor options — Cranberry and Blood Orange.

For those who prefer the good ole White Claws with lesser alcohol content, the company is also launching its Flavor Collection No. 3 variety pack which includes Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple and Blackberry.

Drink responsibly, folks.

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