Dada 5000, Who Had Heart Attack In Cage Against Kimbo Slice, Returning To Bare-Knuckle Boxing

Fighting preparation. Cropped shot of a ripped tattooed mma boxing fighter wrapping his hands


Dada 5000 is back.

The street fighting legend, whose real name is Dhafir Harris, is returning to combat sports with an upstart bare-knuckle boxing promotion just over five years since his disastrous Bellator 149 clash with Kimbo Slice.

During that fight, Dada claims he suffered two heart attacks and even coded (aka died) inside of the cage. He would spend two weeks in the hospital for cardiac arrest and kidney failure after the fight.

Kimbo, meanwhile, sadly passed away from heart failure just a few months later.

But now, Dada 500 is ready for another appearance.

Dada 5000 is competing with bare-knuckle boxing promotion Back Yard Brawls (BYB) Extreme for an event on April 17 that is headlined by combat sports veteran Sergey Kharitonov and former UFC fighter James McSweeney.

Interestingly enough, Dada is also a co-founder of BYB Extreme.

“People identify with us because we came from backyard brawling on the dark side of Miami,” he said in a press release. “Backyard is where we came from and bare-knuckles fighting is the next step in the evolution of fighting. We started this (BYB), fighting in the mud, this wasn’t done overnight. We were the first, people came to the backyard to watch, and now I’m inviting everybody on our journey.

“I was a promoter before being a fighter. I started a business and BYB Brawl is going to be the biggest combat sport. People may think this is kind of nuts, but they do feel it’s going to blow up.”

The event will air on the streaming platform for $6.99.

There is no word on who Dada 5000 will face.

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