Columbia University Orders Students Be Tested After COVID Found In Wastewater

NEW YORK, USA - JULY 13, 2016: life in Columbia University. Free book fair and open door day - you can take any books from volunteers.


Columbia University is ordering students to get tested for COVID-19 after the coronavirus was detected in wastewater from two residence halls.

According to the school’s official website, students are required to get immediate COVID-19 tests or they could be subject to ejection from campus housing.

“The presence of Covid-19 has been detected in the wastewater of both Broadway Residence Hall & Wien Residence Hall through Columbia’s enhanced campus testing program,” school staff wrote in a note to students on Monday.

“When a student chooses not to follow Columbia’s requirements, they jeopardize both the well-being of the community and their own privilege of living on campus. Students who violate the Columbia Community Health Compact and the testing requirement will be referred to Dean’s Discipline, which may result in the loss of campus housing.”

Additional sewage is being tested for the presence of COVID-19.

The school was alerted of an issue when two people tested positive for the virus at another campus residence hall.

Along with being tested, students must sign a document that requires “participating in testing and contact tracing when required, and isolation and quarantine protocols,” according to the New York Post.

Be safe out there, kids.

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