WWE’s Road Dogg Hospitalized After Suffering Heart Attack

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WWE star Brian James, known by his wrestling name Road Dogg, was hospitalized over the weekend after a serious health scare.

According to his wife Tracy James, Road Dogg is bedridden after suffering an apparent heart attack. The apparent heart attack happened on Thursday night after Road Dogg returned from work.

Tracy James shared the news on social media.

She writes, “He has had test run and we’re currently waiting for the results.he has also seen a kidney specialist and will have a stress test done. He’s always been on bp meds for high bp. Just please pray all the test come back for something we can fix,” she wrote. “I’m a total wreck but I’m trying so hard to be positive! Please pray for Brian. He feels horrible and for God to please heal my husband so he can come home.”

The good news is that James’ kidneys came back clear.

James will undergo further testing on Monday to determine what further treatment he will need.

We wish Jame a full and speedy recovery.

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