You Can Bet On If Joe Biden Will Make Gaffe At First Press Conference

New York, NY - January 7, 2020: Former Vice President & Democratic hopeful Joe Biden made foreign policy statement at Current on Pier 59


Joe Biden is set to make his first public press conference as President of the United States on Thursday, March 25.

People have been waiting to hear from Biden since taking office, and now that he will be stepping up to the podium all eyes will be on him. That includes the eyes of bettors.

Thanks to the oddsmakers, you can bet on a handful of props for Biden’s first presser.

People can place bets on which topics Biden will address first, a slip-up during his answers, the color of his tie, his approval rating, and more.

We all know Biden is prone to making gaffes when speaking publicly, so YES at -150 odds seems like some free money.

What are the odds saying?

A full look at the prop bets for President Biden’s first press conference can be seen below, via

Will Biden commit a political gaffe? (For wagering purposes, a political gaffe is an unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment to its originator.)

Yes -150

No +110

Will Biden have on a mask when he walks to podium?

Yes -130

No -110

Primary color of Biden’s tie

Blue -300

Red +210

Black +500

White +1000

What will Biden say first?

Vaccine/Vaccination -200

COVID/coronavirus +200

Stimulus/package +400

Which topic will Biden address first?

Gun control -400

Border migrants +250

Will Biden approval rating be higher or lower?

Higher -140

Lower +100

Will Dow Jones be up or down at market close on 3/25/21?

Up -175

Down +135

Will Bitcoin be up or down on 3/25/21?

Up -140

Down +100

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