How Old Are Top 5 Professional Gamblers

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Casinos and pokers have been around for quite some time now. Although gambling itself dates back to around the 14th century, it gained popularity later in the 17th century, as poker began as a famous game in the Persian era. Eventually, the playing cards became a common sight, and led to the opening of the first official casino in Venice, Italy in 1638, going by the name ‘Ridotto’. 

It was when the gambling culture took a start, and gained vast popularity amongst the population in China, UK, Russia, and the USA. However, just as everything comes with a price, so did this. Gradually, it led people to addiction and depression over the loss of money during bets, thus, it became restricted in certain countries. As of now, the restriction remains, many consisting of religious bans, but thanks to the recent advancements in technology, our favorite casinos, and slot machines are now online. That means, one can not only gain access from any part of the world but also enjoy the thrill of online free slots no downloads

Professional Gambling

While gambling is just a way of making the best out of leisure time, for some people, it is a career. That may come as a shock first, considering how it revolves entirely around huge risks with money, and can either land one as a millionaire or completely bankrupt. Online gamblers have found their ways of earning through online streaming, with famous streaming platforms like Twitch to help them. 

Professional gambling, on the other hand, revolves more around sports betting than the usual casinos. According to the top gamblers over the years, sports betting is competitive, and thus allows one to measure their chances of winning and place their stakes accordingly. Not anyone can become a professional in this field, since it requires utmost precision when placing money, and knowing where to engage it. Research and statistics have proven how you may have to win about 60% of the time to make gambling your career and earn a living with it. 

The Best 5 Professional Gamblers

One can certainly not always win at gamble. There is always the luck factor, and a bit of tactic used when placing the bets. Even so, some geniuses from around the world worked their way through the huge risks and opted for gambling as a professional career. Here is a list of the top 5 professional gamblers, and how old they currently are:

  • Bill Benter – Ranked as the richest gambler worldwide, as of today. Currently aged 64, his estimated earnings go up to $100 million a year. Originally from the USA, he later moved to Hong Kong in 1984, where he pursued his piqued interest in horse betting. His success in the field also encouraged him to develop a widely successful horse gambling software. 
  • William T. Walters – Aged 74, he goes by the title of the most successful gambler in the world, as a result of his highly impressive 30 years winning streak. His gambling dates back to when he was just 9, and the journey suffered many drawbacks, including him losing his house during a game once. However, his luck took a turn in his 30s, eventually granting him vast wins in sports betting. 
  • Zeljko Ranogajec – A 59-year-old Australian gambler, who goes by the title of the world’s biggest gambler, as well as ‘The Joker’, He initially started with playing blackjack, wherein he made it successfully to the hall of fame. Later, with him receiving a ban from casinos and counting cards, he switched to betting on Keno, and eventually to sports betting, specifically horse racing. 
  • Terry Ramsden – Hailing from England, and aged 69 as of today, he is widely famous for his extensive knowledge in horse race betting and the stock market in Japan. His name appears along with the most successful gamblers around the world, but what makes him unique is his love and purchases of expensive cars and properties. 
  • Chris Ferguson – Having started online poker at the age of 10, the now 57-year-old has a net worth of around $80 million. He made headlines with his six times winning the world poker series, as well as the NBC National Poker Championship in 2008, which landed him as one of the best American poker players in the world. 

Is Professional Gambling a Good Career?

While the movies and social media fame may have portrayed this as an easy job, coming with the extra advantage of a tremendously luxurious life, the question stands; is this a good career?

The ease of playing online has no doubt given many the opportunities to explore the vast world of gambling, it takes more than just exploration and trials to choose this as a professional career. Fortune comes with luck, thus, one must always be ready for mind-blowing wins or losses. Other than that, one does not just need to excel at gambling skills to pursue this career, but must also be excellent at managing money, time, record keeping, emotions, as well as quick analysis. It is highly unlikely for a gambling game to provide constant wins, but some fields like Poker and sports betting have a higher percentage of shaping a successful career, are played with the right skills and tactics. 

The Future of Gambling

As technology and computers continue to take over us with each passing day, it is not a surprise to see studies concluding that online gambling will be dominating the world in the years to come. Although every person is entitled to their views on online vs. offline gamble, there is no denying the fact that the online versions come with more security, safety, and comfort. As if this was not enough, recent advancements in the gaming field promise enhanced graphics and extremely realistic gameplay with the introduction of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality headsets. The use of artificial intelligence in online poker games will provide a live dealer and audience, thus making one feel like being in an actual casino. 

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